Psalm 9 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director to arrange to the tune of “Death of the Son”.

  1. From the bottom of my heart, I will worship you, Lord, and give you thanks for all the amazing things that you have done.
  2. I will chant out your name, the Greatest of all Time, and will be excited about knowing you.
  1. Those who set themselves up to oppose me, melted away when you appeared in my defence.
  2. You have supported me, and in your courtroom, you have found me innocent.
  3. You have named those who are causing oppression and abuse and you have rooted out their wicked organisations.
  4. You have broken them up, so they are ruined and forgotten.  You have finished them off.
  1. The Lord is the Supreme Judge and his / her appointment will last for all time.
  2. His / her jurisdiction is to bring justice to the whole world and to ensure fairness for all people.
  3. The Lord gives protection to the oppressed and supports them when times are tough.
  4. Those who know you, Lord, trust you, because you give help to anyone who searches you out.
  1. Let’s speak highly of the Lord, the Supreme Judge, to all who will listen.  Let us recount his / her memorable judgments and actions.
  2. Not only does he / she punish murder, but he / she cares for those who have no one else to appeal to and he / she listens to the pleas of the suffering.
  1. Lord I need you to help me.  My oppressors are torturing me – please rescue and release me.
  2. I will celebrate my release and tell all who will listen of your daring rescue.
  1. My oppressors have become ensnared in the trap they set for their victims – they have become locked in their own prison.
  2. The Lord is known to be even-handed whilst the actions of oppressors backfire on them.  


  1. The wicked will be sunk by their own evil as happens to all who ignore the Supreme Judge.
  2. The calls of those who need help will be heard and the hopes of the poor will be nurtured and grown.
  1. It’s time to act, Lord.  Don’t be ignored.  Enter your courtroom and make judgments over those who cause oppression.
  2. May they fear your reputation and judgment, Lord.  Let everyone know your authority.    


© 2020 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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