I invite you to make use of these reimagined Psalms both in your own personal prayer time and in meetings or services. If you do so, I would be grateful for the appropriate acknowledgement.

Psalm 150 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord. Whisper words of love to your God when you are alone; let your cheers echo across the universe when you are together. Congratulate him / her for his / her amazing actions and applaud him / her for his / her excellence. Hail him / her with a trumpet fanfare and acknowledgeContinue reading “Psalm 150 reimagined”

Psalm 149 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord. Write a new song of worship to the Lord.  Sing it with hearts full of love when you meet together with his / her followers. Church, revel in your creator.  With hearts full of gratitude worship the one who leads you.   Dance before him / her in joy as the worshipContinue reading “Psalm 149 reimagined”

Psalm 148 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord. Acclaim the Lord in the hidden places.  Acclaim him / her throughout the universe that he / she has made. Acclaim him / her all his / her many followers and acclaim him / her all creation’s forces. Let the mighty sun and beautiful moon acclaim him / her.  Let every singleContinue reading “Psalm 148 reimagined”

Psalm 147 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord. It is good to get together and sing songs of worship to our Creator – it gives us real pleasure. The Lord is rescuing us and drawing us together to create his / her Church. Our Healer heals the hearts of those who have lost hope and cares for their hurts. EvenContinue reading “Psalm 147 reimagined”

Psalm 146 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord.   I will acknowledge the Lord with my whole being.   I will sing the praises of my Lord for all my days.  I will speak highly of my Creator for as long as I have breath.   Don’t organise your life by copying celebrities – they cannot give real advice andContinue reading “Psalm 146 reimagined”

Psalm 145 reimagined

A song of worship written by David I adore you, my Creator and my leader – I will speak highly of you to all who will listen, for all time. Every day I will acclaim who you are and will give you recognition as long as I live. The Lord is boundless and deserves ourContinue reading “Psalm 145 reimagined”

Psalm 144 reimagined

A Psalm of David The Lord is completely reliable and trustworthy.  He / she gives me the right words to say and enables me to exert my influence.   He / she cares about how well I do and steers me through challenging interactions.  He / she listens to my frustrations and gives me supportContinue reading “Psalm 144 reimagined”

Psalm 143 reimagined

A Psalm written by David Lord, hear my cry for help.  You always stick by me and do the best thing.  Please answer me. I know you could list out my mistakes as reasons for not helping but I know that you will support me. I feel pushed into a corner.  I am down onContinue reading “Psalm 143 reimagined”

Psalm 142 reimagined

A Psalm written by David as a prayer to the Lord when he was hiding in a cave to save his own life Lord, hear my shout – if you love me, please rescue me, I beg you! My heart pours out my fears and frustrations to you.  Please listen to me. I am boxedContinue reading “Psalm 142 reimagined”

Psalm 141 reimagined

A Psalm written by David Please hurry and act Lord.  I call to you so hear my shouts for help. May my requests be as pleasing to you as whispered words of love or eloquent appreciation. Please be the editor of my spoken words, Lord, ensuring that I say the right thing. Remove the hurtfulContinue reading “Psalm 141 reimagined”

Psalm 140 reimagined

A Psalm which David wrote and gave to the Choir Director to arrange. Lord, save me from those who would hope to do me harm.  Protect me from those who have violent intentions;   From those who love to promote mayhem and those whose instinct is to cause dissension and division at every turn. RescueContinue reading “Psalm 140 reimagined”

Psalm 139 reimagined

A Psalm of David given to the Choir Director to arrange You know me, you know my heart, you know all there is to know, Lord. You know my every movement – sitting, standing, walking.  Even when I think I am far away from you; you know my thoughts. You see what I get upContinue reading “Psalm 139 reimagined”

Psalm 138 reimagined

A Psalm of David I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will acclaim you to all who will listen. On my knees, I commit myself to you and I will praise you because your love is constant and dependable, and you promise to care for me always.  You hear the requests whichContinue reading “Psalm 138 reimagined”

Psalm 135 reimagined

Let’s worship the Lord. Give the Lord the recognition he / she deserves.  Whatever you do, give him / her praise.   You may work in the church, for the cause of justice on behalf of the Creator, in your home or a place of work – wherever you are, show the Lord your love.Continue reading “Psalm 135 reimagined”

Psalm 134 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Let us praise the Lord all his / her daughters and sons especially those whose ministry is to pray to him / her during the night. When you meet together, to be in his / her presence, lift upContinue reading “Psalm 134 reimagined”

Psalm 133 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. How amazing life is when we believers live together in unity, loving each other as he has loved us. Our togetherness shows how unique we are and is as distinctive as though we were covered with the most beautifulContinue reading “Psalm 133 reimagined”

Psalm 132 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Note: David was the second king of Israel.  After the Lord had made him a promise that he would be the next king, David spent running for his life from the first king, Saul.  After David became king, heContinue reading “Psalm 132 reimagined”

Psalm 131 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city.  A song written by David. Lord, I set aside my self-centredness; I stop looking at other people with critical eyes; I stop imagining I can solve all the world’s problems. I have cleared my mind, discarding my worries andContinue reading “Psalm 131 reimagined”

Psalm 130 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Lord I am without hope and there is no end in sight.  I am desperate for your help. My broken heart calls out to you, Boss – please listen and answer. If you challenged us on our failings, Boss,Continue reading “Psalm 130 reimagined”

Psalm 129 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. From the early days we have been criticised by those outside the church.  Let us all reflect on this. From the early days we have been criticised by those outside the church, but we have never been intimidated. WeContinue reading “Psalm 129 reimagined”

Psalm 128 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Those who set their eyes on following the Lord and their hearts on loving him, will be thrilled with their lives.   You will have a sense of achievement in your work and you will be happy and prosperous.Continue reading “Psalm 128 reimagined”

Psalm 127 reimagined

This song was written by Solomon and sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Note – the pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem will have seen the temple on the hill ahead.  In this Psalm, Solomon, the king who built the temple gave credit to God for this building.  For usContinue reading “Psalm 127 reimagined”

Psalm 126 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. When the Lord restored the dignity and prosperity of his / her people, it was beyond our wildest dreams. We laughed, we cried, we shouted, and we sang.  Those who saw it observed, “The Lord has done amazing thingsContinue reading “Psalm 126 reimagined”

Psalm 125 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. Get to know the Lord and depend solely on him / her and you will be as well founded as the strongest city; unshakeable and built to last forever. The Lord offers all the protection his / her peopleContinue reading “Psalm 125 reimagined”

Psalm 123 reimagined

This song was sung by the travelers to Jerusalem as they climbed up towards the city. I ask you for your help, you who are greater than all the material universe.   As tiring lungs gasp for a quick intake of breath or a parched mouth gulps at a glass of cool water, we needContinue reading “Psalm 123 reimagined”

Psalm 122 reimagined

A psalm written by David and sung by the pilgrims as they climbed the hill to Jerusalem. I was so excited when my friends said, “Let’s go and visit the Lord’s family.” Here we are, in the Lord’s home and with his / her dearest family and friends. The church is a beautiful place toContinue reading “Psalm 122 reimagined”

Psalm 121 reimagined

This song was sung by the pilgrims climbing the hill up to Jerusalem. My eyes are fixed on reaching the top of this mountain, but will I find the help I seek there?  The Lord, who made all that can be seen, as well as all that cannot, will help me. He / she willContinue reading “Psalm 121 reimagined”

Psalm 120 reimagined

“I need your presence”, I cried to the Lord who came and brought me peace. I need you to save me, Lord, from the hateful talk of the people who live around me. What is the fair and just treatment for those who destroy other people by what they say? Might they suffer the painContinue reading “Psalm 120 reimagined”

Psalm 118 reimagined

Be thankful to the Lord for he / she is kind-hearted.  He / she is never going to stop loving us. Let the Church reiterate, “He / she is never going to stop loving us.” Let the leaders of the church reiterate, “He / she is never going to stop loving us.” Let all whoContinue reading “Psalm 118 reimagined”

Psalm 117 reimagined

Let everyone on earth acclaim the Lord.  Let every country cheer him / her on. For his / her love for us never skips a beat – it is strong and energetic.  He / she will be resolutely committed to us forever.  Adore the Lord. © 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

Psalm 116 reimagined

I dote on the Lord because he / she pays attention to my thoughts and to my appeal for clemency. I will talk to him / her as long as I am able to speak because he / she listens so carefully. My life was slipping away, and I was in a panic about whatContinue reading “Psalm 116 reimagined”

Psalm 115 reimagined

It’s not about us, Lord.  It’s not us who should take the credit.  It’s about you and the way you stick with us and love us regardless. Why do you let everyone say, “Where is their Creator?” Our Creator sits in the universe he / she made, and he / she is answerable to no-one.Continue reading “Psalm 115 reimagined”

Psalm 114 reimagined

When the descendants of Jacob escaped from slavery in Egypt,  The new country that he / she gave them became his / her home too and he / she became their leader. The Red Sea saw their escape and dramatically cleared a path for them to walk through.  The River Jordan, though in flood, amazinglyContinue reading “Psalm 114 reimagined”

Psalm 113 reimagined

Adore the Lord.  Acclaim him / her, all you who are committed to be his / her followers.  Pay tribute to his / her character. Tell the Lord what he / she means to you.  Tell him / her now and forevermore.     Wherever you are on planet Earth, speak highly of who theContinue reading “Psalm 113 reimagined”

Psalm 112 reimagined

Written as an acrostic psalm in the style of the original. Acclaim the Lord. All who respect the Lord find deep happiness and fulfilment in following his / her ground rules. Benefits will be given to their children, who will be successful in all they do; the whole generation will follow the Lord and knowContinue reading “Psalm 112 reimagined”

Psalm 111 reimagined

Pay tribute to the Lord.  I will express my gratitude to the Lord from the bottom of my heart especially when I am with his / her followers. The Lord does things which take my breath away.  Everyone who adores him / her should reflect on these things. Every action he / she takes showsContinue reading “Psalm 111 reimagined”

Psalm 110 reimagined

A song of David. The Lord said to my boss: “Leave it to me.  I will appoint you to the role that I promised, and I will ensure that your detractors give you their support.” The Lord will promote you to the highest role of leadership and will ensure that are given support from thoseContinue reading “Psalm 110 reimagined”

Psalm 109 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to be arranged. Note: I have turned this into a psalm prophesying the ridicule of Jesus by his enemies. I adore you, my Father. Don’t keep your distance and decline to speak to me, Especially as the perverse denigrate me and make up stories about me.Continue reading “Psalm 109 reimagined”

Psalm 108 reimagined

A psalm written by David as a song. I place my life calmly in your hands, my Creator.  My whole being recognises what you have done and pays you tribute. My first waking thought is to acclaim you – I will sing accompanied by guitar or keyboards, I don’t mind which. Whoever I meet, IContinue reading “Psalm 108 reimagined”

Psalm 107 reimagined

Give credit to the Lord for he / she is kind-hearted.  His / her love is dependable and inexhaustible. The Lord has liberated your whole family, hasn’t he / she?  Then make it clear.  Tell those around you that he / she has freed all of you from your oppression. You are diverse individuals, comingContinue reading “Psalm 107 reimagined”

Psalm 106 reimagined

Acclaim the Lord. Pay tribute to the Lord for he / she is kind-hearted.  His / her is love is dependable and inexhaustible. Has anyone tried to list the number of times the Lord has done amazing things which only he / she can do?  Can anyone speak highly enough of him / her? ThereContinue reading “Psalm 106 reimagined”

Psalm 105 reimagined

Express your gratitude to the Lord and make known his / her amazing exploits.  Ensure that everyone knows about everything that he / she has achieved. Join together and chant out his / her name.  Make sure that the whole world knows what he / she has accomplished. Take delight in thinking of who theContinue reading “Psalm 105 reimagined”

Psalm 104 reimagined

May all that I am – every breath, every movement, every thought, every feeling – acclaim the Lord. Lord, my Creator, you are so impressive.  Your presence turns our heads with your beauty and charisma. Like the brightest light, you stand out putting everything else in the shade.  You mapped out the universe, putting everyContinue reading “Psalm 104 reimagined”

Psalm 103 reimagined

A psalm written by David May all that I am – every breath, every movement, every thought, every feeling – acclaim the Lord.  I will adore him / her and chant his / her name. May all that I am – my hopes, my loves, my dreams, my strengths – acclaim the Lord.  I willContinue reading “Psalm 103 reimagined”

Psalm 102 reimagined

This is the prayer of someone drowning under the weight of great problems who is letting rip at the Lord. Lord pay attention.  Hear my cries. Don’t turn you back on me when things are so difficult.  Come alongside me and respond when I ask. My time seems to be of no consequence and myContinue reading “Psalm 102 reimagined”

Psalm 101 reimagined

A psalm written by David I am excited by your love and fairness, Lord, and my heart overflows with appreciation to you. My aim is to live a life which pleases you – will you support me?  Help me to be the same person wherever I am, especially at home. I will keep my mindContinue reading “Psalm 101 reimagined”

Psalm 100 reimagined

Let everyone across the globe jump up and shout praise to the Lord. Shout out the Lord’s name with heightened expectation.  Chant his / her songs together remembering his / her exploits. Be clear that the Lord is our Creator.  He / she made us who we are – his / her committed followers. WeContinue reading “Psalm 100 reimagined”

Psalm 99 reimagined

The Lord is in charge – let all nations be anxious.  He / she is leader of the government of heaven and attended to by mighty assistants – let all planet earth be fearful. The Lord is revered as the greatest of leaders on earth – valued above all others. Let all in authority praiseContinue reading “Psalm 99 reimagined”

Psalm 98 reimagined

A song of praise Think of all the amazing things that the Lord has done and let your heart create a song of love to him / her.  He / she has defeated those who opposed him / her and liberated his / her oppressed people. The Lord has broadcast his / her success andContinue reading “Psalm 98 reimagined”

Psalm 97 reimagined

Let everyone be delighted that the Lord is our leader, even those in the remotest places.  Though the world may be depraved and corrupt, he / she stands for goodness and fairness. He / she will challenge and overthrow all those who spread oppression and depravity. His / her kindness and integrity standout against theContinue reading “Psalm 97 reimagined”

Psalm 96 reimagined

There is no time like the present for discovering something new about the Lord and falling in love with him / her all over again.  Let every part of the planet acknowledge all that he / she has done. Give your full focus to paying tribute to the Lord.  Everyday tell anyone who will listenContinue reading “Psalm 96 reimagined”

Psalm 95 reimagined

Join me in singing out to the Lord.  Let us chant out our thanks to the architect of our rescue. May our hearts overflow with gratitude and let’s put our hearts into adoring him / her. If you look at all the things that people worship, the Lord our Creator is the greatest.  Of allContinue reading “Psalm 95 reimagined”

Psalm 94 reimagined

Lord, my God, you hold people to account for what they do.  Step in now as we need to see your desire for fairness and equity shine through. Set up your court and pass sentence on those who are guilty of unprincipled behaviour. Why delay this Lord? How can you allow the depraved to thinkContinue reading “Psalm 94 reimagined”

Psalm 93 reimagined

The Lord designed and made the universe.  His / her creativity is incomparable and his / her power and determination are pre-eminent.  The earth the Lord made sticks to its orbit and it is immovable. Lord, you created time and you have overseen your creation from the start.  You are timeless; you have no beginningContinue reading “Psalm 93 reimagined”

Psalm 92 reimagined

A song to be sung when the Lord’s followers gather together for worship on the Lord’s Day. What a pleasure it is to meet together to show gratitude to the Lord and to acclaim him / her as the Greatest-of-all-Time. We will start the day by affirming your inexhaustible love and we will end theContinue reading “Psalm 92 reimagined”

Psalm 91 reimagined

Anyone who lives in the home of the Greatest-of-all-Time, will experience the guardianship of the Most Powerful One.   The Lord, and the Lord alone is my hideaway and protector; he / she is my Creator and all my confidence is in him / her. He / she will release you from every hazard andContinue reading “Psalm 91 reimagined”

Psalm 90 reimagined

A prayer written by Moses – he was Creator’s man. Through every era, Boss, you have been everything we need to live.   You existed before time – before the mountains appeared.  In fact, you created everything.  You were there at the start and will be at the end, our God.  You call time onContinue reading “Psalm 90 reimagined”

Psalm 89 reimagined

A song written by Ezra the Ezrahite. With every means at my disposal, in every moment I have, I will sing of the Lord’s inexhaustible love to anyone who will listen. Your love will outlast time itself and your loyalty is as permanent as the universe you made.  He / she declares “I have reachedContinue reading “Psalm 89 reimagined”

Psalm 88 reimagined

A psalm written by Heman the Ezrahite based on an original psalm written by Korah’s family. The psalm was given to the Choir Director to be arranged to be sung to the tune “The suffering of affliction”. Lord, my Creator, you are the one who will liberate me.  I plead for your help continually duringContinue reading “Psalm 88 reimagined”

Psalm 87 reimagined

For the family of Korah, the place to worship the Lord was Jerusalem.  We believe that the Lord is with his people wherever they are and I have reimagined this psalm as a song of celebrating the Lord’s love for the church and the diversity of its members. Psalm 87 reimagined A song sung byContinue reading “Psalm 87 reimagined”

Psalm 86 reimagined

A prayer of David. Bring your ear close, Lord so that I can whisper to you my requests.  Please respond because it’s your assistance I need. Be my guardian because I am loyal to you.  Rescue me for I depend on you, for you are my Creator.   Please show me your compassion, Boss forContinue reading “Psalm 86 reimagined”

Psalm 85 reimagined

A psalm from Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director. Lord, you have been generous to your people giving them a strong sense of purpose and well-being, enabling them to become prosperous. You overlooked the wrongdoings of your followers and have released them from their self-reproach. PAUSE You have chosen not to scold themContinue reading “Psalm 85 reimagined”

Psalm 84 reimagined

A psalm written by Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director to be arranged to be sung to the accompaniment of a guitar. I love to be in your family home, Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces. Lord, I yearn to be with all your followers.  In fact, I am desperate to joinContinue reading “Psalm 84 reimagined”

Psalm 83 reimagined

A song written by Asaph Creator, you must have something to say!  Are you listening?  Please make a response, my God. You must hear the commotion coming from your opponents.  Aren’t you aware that they think they cannot be challenged and that they are in revolt? They are plotting against your followers and are manoeuvringContinue reading “Psalm 83 reimagined”

Psalm 82 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph. The Creator is the president of the Courts of Justice for the whole of creation, both the areas we see and those we don’t. He / she asks those in power, “Why is it that your decisions favour the powerful and oppressors?  Why are your rulings unfair?” PAUSE He /Continue reading “Psalm 82 reimagined”

Psalm 81 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director for arranging to be sung to the accompaniment of a guitar. Chant the name of the Creator who gives us life.  Acclaim the Creator who is head of our family. Go for it! Strike the drums.  Let rip with the keys and guitars. AgreeContinue reading “Psalm 81 reimagined”

Psalm 80 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director who was to arrange for it to be sung to the tune “Lilies of the Covenant.” Pay attention, our Guardian, for you are the leader we have chosen to follow.  You, who sits outside the universe, demonstrate your greatness. We owe our existence toContinue reading “Psalm 80 reimagined”

Psalm 79 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph Creator, the people you love, those you have made your family, have been suppressed by those who have no regard for you.  They have tried to dishonour those who worship you and to sully the place where you are remembered. Your followers have been left devastated – struggling to makeContinue reading “Psalm 79 reimagined”

Psalm 78 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph My fellow believers, pay attention to my teaching.  Listen carefully to what I explain. I will take lessons from our shared history and give insights from my reflections on these events. We frequently tell these stories when we are together and we each reflect on them on our own.  WeContinue reading “Psalm 78 reimagined”

Psalm 77 reimagined

Asaph wrote this psalm and gave it to Jeduthun, the choir director, to arrange for the choir to sing. I am so desperate for the Creator to respond, that I am raising my voice so my pleas will be heard. Hardships were coming at me from every side and I needed help from the Boss. Continue reading “Psalm 77 reimagined”

Psalm 76 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director to arrange for it to be sung to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. The Creator is greatly respected by all his / her followers; he / she has a strong reputation with all his / her family. He / she lives in theContinue reading “Psalm 76 reimagined”

Psalm 75 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph and given to the Choir Director to arrange to be sung to the tune called “Do Not Destroy”. We are grateful to you our Creator.  We are grateful to you because you stick close to us.  Right round the world, people recount your amazing feats. The Creator says, “I wantContinue reading “Psalm 75 reimagined”


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