I invite you to make use of these reimagined Psalms both in your own personal prayer time and in meetings or services. If you do so, I would be grateful for the appropriate acknowledgement.

Psalm 42 reimagined

A Psalm written by Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director. Like the runner sucks breath in to burning lungs, so my being gasps for your infilling, Creator God.   I ache for your presence, my Creator, my God.  When can I be with you? Day and night my only relief comes from sobbing,Continue reading “Psalm 42 reimagined”

Psalm 41 reimagined

A psalm which David wrote and gave to the choir director to arrange. The people who are compassionate to those in need will find pleasure in living.  The Lord will free them from the hardships that come their way. The Lord gives them life and is their guardian.  He / she ensures that they succeedContinue reading “Psalm 41 reimagined”

Psalm 40 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the choir director to arrange. I let out a plea for help and paused with resignation.  The Lord heard me and stopped to help. He / she tugged on my arm and pulled me clear of the swamp.  He / she put me on safe ground and let meContinue reading “Psalm 40 reimagined”

Psalm 39 Reimagined

A psalm which David gave to Jeduthun, the choir director, so that he could make a choral arrangement.   I resolved what I should do – I promised myself, “I must watch how I behave and what I say so I do not do wrong.  I will keep my mouth closed especially when those whoContinue reading “Psalm 39 Reimagined”

Psalm 38 Reimagined

A psalm written by David in which he asks to be remembered. Lord, I could not blame you for being frustrated with me, or even for having a rant, but please don’t. Your words have hurt me deeply and your feedback has been bruising. My body is weak because you have made your feelings clear,Continue reading “Psalm 38 Reimagined”

Psalm 37 Reimagined

A psalm of David Do not agonise over the fate of the depraved or be jealous of those who are responsible for injustice. Like cut flowers, they bloom for a short period but are soon forgotten.  Like an evening celebration, when it’s over there is the clear up then life goes on. Place your expectationsContinue reading “Psalm 37 Reimagined”

Psalm 36 reimagined

A psalm which David, a devoted follower of the Lord, gave to the Choir Director for arrangement. The hearts and minds of the unprincipled focus on doing wrong.  They have no thought or respect for the Creator. They focus so much on how they think and feel that they cannot see the hurt that followsContinue reading “Psalm 36 reimagined”

Psalm 35 reimagined

A psalm of David Challenge those who challenge me, Lord.  Attack those who are attacking me. Put on your helmet and flak jacket, ready for a clash.  Come to my support, Lord. Show yourself to those who hound me; stand tall so that they can see that you will protect me.  Reassure me that weContinue reading “Psalm 35 reimagined”

Psalm 34 reimagined

A psalm of David written when he was on the run from Saul the king but had to pretend to be insane not to fall into the hands of an enemy nation.   In every moment, on every occasion, I will adore the Lord.  I will take every opportunity to speak highly of him /Continue reading “Psalm 34 reimagined”

Psalm 33 reimagined

Like committed fans singing along to their favourite band, let’s give our all to singing to the Lord. Let our voices congratulate him / her for all that he/ she has done, with support of a full band. Perform new songs which speak of his / her achievements, singing with passion and playing with skill.Continue reading “Psalm 33 reimagined”

Psalm 32 reimagined

A psalm of David I experience great happiness and relief when the Lord excuses my wilful desire to do things my own way, and when he / she overlooks the failures that follow. There is real pleasure in knowing that the Lord does not keep a track of my lapses – I can be openContinue reading “Psalm 32 reimagined”

Psalm 31 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange. I come to you for support, Lord – may I never be humiliated.  Rescue me, for you always do what is just. Please pay attention to my pleas – be quick to help me.  Be a strong defence to protect me from the onslaught.Continue reading “Psalm 31 reimagined”

Psalm 30 reimagined

A psalm of David which he wrote to be sung at the dedication of the temple, after his death. I adore you Lord, for you have delivered me.  My opponents were strong, but you were stronger, and you put them in their place. I pleaded with you when my health was failing and you, myContinue reading “Psalm 30 reimagined”

Psalm 29 reimagined

A psalm of David Let his / her whole family applaud the Lord; in the light of his / her dignity and power, show him / her the greatest respect.   Acclaim the Lord for the greatness of his / her character.  Contemplate the grandeur of his / her goodness and adore him / her.Continue reading “Psalm 29 reimagined”

Psalm 28 reimagined

A psalm of David You are my soul mate, Lord, and I plead with you to listen to me.  If you are distant, it will feel as though my life has lost its purpose. I plead for you to show your sympathy to me, as I desperately need your support.  I am on my kneesContinue reading “Psalm 28 reimagined”

Psalm 27 reimagined

A Psalm of David The Lord has planned my route and will guide my trip.  What is there to concern me?  The Lord is my eyes and ears and he / she has my back.  Who is there to frighten me? When I become a target for the critics and it seems that everyone wantsContinue reading “Psalm 27 reimagined”

Psalm 26 reimagined

A psalm of David Judge the case against me, Lord and find me “not guilty”, for I have behaved with real honesty and I have relied on you without hesitating. Try the case against me and cross-examine my defence, Lord.  Scrutinize my intentions and examine my character. I know how deeply you have loved me,Continue reading “Psalm 26 reimagined”

Psalm 25 reimagined

A psalm of David All I am I give to you, Lord. Be a trusted advisor to me, my Creator.  Let me not lose face or those who dislike me will get the chance to gloat. Contempt comes to those who try to mislead other people, but you will respect those who put their hopeContinue reading “Psalm 25 reimagined”

Psalm 24 reimagined

A psalm of David The Lord claims responsibility for planet Earth and everything in it.  The world and its people belong together with him / her. For he / she created the earth and the way it works, building the land up out of the sea and shaping the deep oceans. Who will be invitedContinue reading “Psalm 24 reimagined”

Psalm 23 reimagined

Note: I have not aimed to rework each metaphor within the Psalm but to rework the overall metaphor – David was a shepherd so he aimed to understand the way the Lord related to him as he cared for his sheep.  I lead and manage projects and project teams and in my version I amContinue reading “Psalm 23 reimagined”

Psalm 22 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director to be sung to the tune “Doe of the Dawn”. Note:  I have written the first 21 verses as though they were Jesus’ thoughts during his arrest, trial and crucifixion.  I have written the section from verse 22 to the end as a worship songContinue reading “Psalm 22 reimagined”

Psalm 21 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. Our leader delights in the determination that you give him, Lord.  He cheers because you make him successful. You present him with what he wants most in life and hold nothing back. PAUSE You put him in a good place where he is successful andContinue reading “Psalm 21 reimagined”

Psalm 20 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. When you are in up to your neck, may the Lord answer your plea.  The Creator helped Jacob through many tight situations, mostly of his own making, so urge him / her to help you too. May he / she give you his / herContinue reading “Psalm 20 reimagined”

Psalm 19 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. The universe demonstrates the genius of my God, the creator.  Look at the skies and you will see the precision of his / her work. Each and every day shows the colour and variety of his / her creativity; night after night shows depth, lightContinue reading “Psalm 19 reimagined”

Psalm 18 reimagined

A psalm for the Choir Director, written by David, one of the Lord’s aides.  He wrote and sang this song on the day the Lord saved him from his enemies especially Saul the king.  He sang: I love you Lord – you are everything to me. The Lord gives me strength; he / she treatsContinue reading “Psalm 18 reimagined”

Psalm 17 reimagined

A prayer of David’s I petition you for a fair judgment Lord.  Listen to my appeal for your support and review my heart-felt request. Please declare me to be innocent for you are the best judge of who does right. You have cross-examined my heart and questioned my thoughts as I sleep.  You have probedContinue reading “Psalm 17 reimagined”

Psalm 16 reimagined

A psalm of David Keep close to me, my God, for I have made following you my life’s purpose. I said to the Lord, “You are the Boss.  You have given me all the best things in my life.” I love to be around those who belong to you.  They are my role models. ByContinue reading “Psalm 16 reimagined”

Psalm 15 reimagined

A psalm of David Who may draw close to you to show you their love, Lord?  Who will you welcome to spend time with you in your favourite place? You will accept those who live good lives, doing the right thing and whose speech is driven by an honest heart. Those who do not spreadContinue reading “Psalm 15 reimagined”

Psalm 14 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. It is foolish to say, “There is no God”.  So often it is said by people who want whatever they can get from life and who help no one but themselves.   The Lord sees everything, and he / she searches for those who areContinue reading “Psalm 14 reimagined”

Psalm 13 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. When will it be time for you to remember me, Lord?  When will it be time for you to draw close? When will it be time for my hurt to be healed?  When will it be time for my critics to stop? Now is theContinue reading “Psalm 13 reimagined”

Psalm 12 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the choir director to arrange for the choir to sing to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Turn things round, Lord, as the number of people following your ways is falling.  Those who are sticking with you seem few and far-between. Colleagues say flattering things to each other,Continue reading “Psalm 12 reimagined”

Psalm 11 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director. The Lord will give me protection, I know he / she will.  So do not advise me to keep my head down. The wicked are planning to take control – they are preparing to take action.   They are undermining those who want what isContinue reading “Psalm 11 reimagined”

Psalm 10 reimagined

Why do you seem distant, Lord, when I need you the most?  Why is it so hard to find you when I am in trouble? The wicked track down the vulnerable looking to torment them, believing that they themselves cannot be touched.  Let the outcomes that they planned for the vulnerable be their just deserts.Continue reading “Psalm 10 reimagined”

Psalm 9 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the Choir Director to arrange to the tune of “Death of the Son”. From the bottom of my heart, I will worship you, Lord, and give you thanks for all the amazing things that you have done. I will chant out your name, the Greatest of all Time,Continue reading “Psalm 9 reimagined”

Psalm 8 reimagined

Note: A psalm of David written for the choir director to arrange to be sung to the  accompaniment of a string orchestra. Lord, our leader, the earth is awesome and demonstrates your greatness.  The universe echoes with many voices of wonder. Yet you encourage children and toddlers to tell stories of your achievements and toContinue reading “Psalm 8 reimagined”

Psalm 7 reimagined

Note: David wrote and sung this Psalm to the Lord about what was said about him by Cush of the tribe of Benjamin.  I need your protection, Lord my Creator.  Please defend me against the attacks of these bullies. They seem intent on shredding my reputation and destroying my self-confidence and no-one wants to standContinue reading “Psalm 7 reimagined”

Psalm 6 reimagined

A psalm of David given to the Choir Director for the choir to sing to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Lord don’t scold me when you are cross with me or fly off the handle and punish me. You know that I am weak and completely out of sorts.  Please love me and restoreContinue reading “Psalm 6 reimagined”

Psalm 5 reimagined

David wrote this psalm and gave it to the Choir Director to arrange for the choir to sing it to the accompaniment of a flute.   Lord, hear my plea to you even though it is expressed through moans and groans. You are my leader and my Creator and you are the only one whoContinue reading “Psalm 5 reimagined”

Psalm 4 reimagined

David wrote this psalm and gave it to the Choir Director to arrange for the choir to sing it to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Please respond to my cries for help, my Creator, for you are the one who trusts me.  Forgive me for my failings and guide me through these challenging times.Continue reading “Psalm 4 reimagined”

Psalm 3 reimagined

Note: David wrote this Psalm when fleeing from his own son Absalom who had usurped the throne. I have so many enemies.  Everywhere I turn they surround me. They are even saying “your Creator has abandoned you. PAUSE But you Lord, have never left me.  You are always close and reassure me of your confidenceContinue reading “Psalm 3 reimagined”

Psalm 2 reimagined

Why are there conflicts between the nations?  Why do leaders waste time on creating futile plans? Why does it seem as though anger and hostility is never far from their minds?  They take every opportunity to oppose the Lord’s plan for unity and wholeness. “I am free to lead as I choose,” they say. “IContinue reading “Psalm 2 reimagined”

Psalm 1 reimagined

If you want to know deep happiness, don’t waste your time listening to the advice of twisted minds, or joining in the chatter of devious hearts, or laughing at the humour of those who devalue everything of worth. The Lord’s presence is with the person who takes great pleasure in thinking about his / herContinue reading “Psalm 1 reimagined”

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