Psalm 98 reimagined

A song of praise

  1. Think of all the amazing things that the Lord has done and let your heart create a song of love to him / her.  He / she has defeated those who opposed him / her and liberated his / her oppressed people.
  2. The Lord has broadcast his / her success and everyone throughout the world has seen his / her goodness.
  3. He / she has given his / her word that he / she will love his / her followers and be devoted to them.  Every corner of the earth is aware that he / she has delivered his / her people from oppression.
  1. May everyone on earth chant out the Lord’s name; may there be spontaneous applause and singing.
  2. Let your hearts overflow with adoration of the Lord.  Sing your songs with a beautiful tune, accompanied by keyboards, drums and guitars.
  3. Add in trumpets and horns so that the Lord, our leader, loves the quality of what he / she hears.
  1. The crashing waves of the oceans and the life in them thunder out in celebration of the his / her achievements.  Let all the life on the land echo their cheers.
  2. The streams create a ripple of applause as they tumble over the rocks and the hills reverberate with sounds of acclamation.  
  3. The Lord has arranged to examine all activities on the earth with impartiality and he / she will pass judgement based on fair-mindedness and equity.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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