Psalm 97 reimagined

  1. Let everyone be delighted that the Lord is our leader, even those in the remotest places. 
  2. Though the world may be depraved and corrupt, he / she stands for goodness and fairness.
  3. He / she will challenge and overthrow all those who spread oppression and depravity.
  4. His / her kindness and integrity standout against the bleak backdrop.  The world notices his / her goodness and shakes.
  5. The earth may seem solid and dependable, but it is decaying and only the Lord can give permanence.
  6. The universe demonstrates the depth of his / her creativity and care – his / her amazing achievements are there for all to see.
  7. In spite of this, there are many who give their devotion to particular people or objects.  In the end, however, everything will acknowledge the overriding leadership of the Lord.
  8. All your followers have heard examples of your fairness and they celebrate.  Even your people scattered round the world are thrilled.
  9. You, Lord are the Greatest-of-all-Time – compared to you all other objects of devotion look pitiful.
  1. If you love the Lord, show it by despising cruelty and depravity.  He / she is the guardian for all his / her followers, and he / she liberates them from the attentions of their oppressors.
  2. He / she keeps his / her protective eye on all his / her followers and fills their lives with delight.
  3. Let everyone who loves and follows the Lord, devote themselves to him / her.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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