Psalm 97 reimagined

Let everyone be delighted that the Lord is our leader, even those in the remotest places.  Though the world may be depraved and corrupt, he / she stands for goodness and fairness. He / she will challenge and overthrow all those who spread oppression and depravity. His / her kindness and integrity standout against theContinue reading “Psalm 97 reimagined”

Psalm 93 reimagined

The Lord designed and made the universe.  His / her creativity is incomparable and his / her power and determination are pre-eminent.  The earth the Lord made sticks to its orbit and it is immovable. Lord, you created time and you have overseen your creation from the start.  You are timeless; you have no beginningContinue reading “Psalm 93 reimagined”

Psalm 88 reimagined

A psalm written by Heman the Ezrahite based on an original psalm written by Korah’s family. The psalm was given to the Choir Director to be arranged to be sung to the tune “The suffering of affliction”. Lord, my Creator, you are the one who will liberate me.  I plead for your help continually duringContinue reading “Psalm 88 reimagined”

Psalm 87 reimagined

For the family of Korah, the place to worship the Lord was Jerusalem.  We believe that the Lord is with his people wherever they are and I have reimagined this psalm as a song of celebrating the Lord’s love for the church and the diversity of its members. Psalm 87 reimagined A song sung byContinue reading “Psalm 87 reimagined”

Psalm 85 reimagined

A psalm from Korah’s family and given to the Choir Director. Lord, you have been generous to your people giving them a strong sense of purpose and well-being, enabling them to become prosperous. You overlooked the wrongdoings of your followers and have released them from their self-reproach. PAUSE You have chosen not to scold themContinue reading “Psalm 85 reimagined”

Psalm 83 reimagined

A song written by Asaph Creator, you must have something to say!  Are you listening?  Please make a response, my God. You must hear the commotion coming from your opponents.  Aren’t you aware that they think they cannot be challenged and that they are in revolt? They are plotting against your followers and are manoeuvringContinue reading “Psalm 83 reimagined”

Psalm 79 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph Creator, the people you love, those you have made your family, have been suppressed by those who have no regard for you.  They have tried to dishonour those who worship you and to sully the place where you are remembered. Your followers have been left devastated – struggling to makeContinue reading “Psalm 79 reimagined”

Psalm 78 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph My fellow believers, pay attention to my teaching.  Listen carefully to what I explain. I will take lessons from our shared history and give insights from my reflections on these events. We frequently tell these stories when we are together and we each reflect on them on our own.  WeContinue reading “Psalm 78 reimagined”

Psalm 72 reimagined

A psalm written by Solomon May our leader share your desire for fairness and equal rights, Creator, and may his successors share your goodness. May the courts administer justice impartially in the nation and may the disadvantaged be managed equitably. May there be health and prosperity for each person and each family, and may thereContinue reading “Psalm 72 reimagined”

Psalm 68 reimagined

A song and poem which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange. Get up and challenge your opponents, Creator.  Put those who despise you and what you stand for, into retreat. Be like a strong wind which blows away their attempts to hide the truth.  Melt the strength of their oppression by your refiningContinue reading “Psalm 68 reimagined”

Psalm 67 reimagined

A song and poem written for the Choir Director to arrange with the accompaniment of a string orchestra. May our Creator be tender-hearted towards us, his / her people.  May he / she give us his / her support and friendship. PAUSE May the whole earth understand your values and purpose and experience your liberatingContinue reading “Psalm 67 reimagined”

Psalm 64 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange. Creator, please hear my grievance and then act to safeguard me from those who would oppress me. The bullies develop schemes to target me – please defend me. They plan their verbal attacks, aiming to inflict the maximum hurt. Targeting anyone who is honest,Continue reading “Psalm 64 reimagined”

Psalm 58 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange for singing to the tune called “Do Not Destroy.” Leaders, do you understand the importance of being fair-minded and impartial?  Do you make decisions based on equity – treating people as people? This is not what I see.  Too often your decisions follow aContinue reading “Psalm 58 reimagined”

Psalm 55 reimagined

This psalm was written by David and given to the Choir Director to be arranged with the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Pay attention to my appeal, my Creator.  Focus on my plea for assistance. Please listen and hear but then give me a response because I am overcome by many hardships. My opponents areContinue reading “Psalm 55 reimagined”

Psalm 54 reimagined

A psalm which David wrote to recall the time when the Ziphite family told King Saul, David’s oppressor, “We know where David is hiding.”  David gave this psalm to the Choir Director to arrange with an accompaniment of a string orchestra. Muster all your strength and come and extricate me, my Creator.  Protect me withContinue reading “Psalm 54 reimagined”

Psalm 51 reimagined

David wrote this psalm as a response to the message which the Lord sent through Nathan after David had committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, and then had him murdered.  He gave the psalm to the Choir Director to arrange. Please be tender-hearted towards me, my Creator, because of your inexhaustible love.  Because of yourContinue reading “Psalm 51 reimagined”

Psalm 47 reimagined

A psalm of Korah’s family given to the Choir Director to arrange. Let’s get together and offer the Creator a standing of ovation.  Let’s chant his / her name in celebration. For our Lord, is the Greatest of all Time and his / her achievements are breath-taking.  He / she is the most remarkable leaderContinue reading “Psalm 47 reimagined”

Psalm 43 reimagined

My Creator protect me from my accusers with their unjust motives and from those who concoct false evidence against me.  Please judge me and declare me to be innocent. You are my Creator, my only place to hide from this oppressive barrage.  Why have you distanced yourself from me?  You have left me feeling bereaved,Continue reading “Psalm 43 reimagined”

Psalm 37 Reimagined

A psalm of David Do not agonise over the fate of the depraved or be jealous of those who are responsible for injustice. Like cut flowers, they bloom for a short period but are soon forgotten.  Like an evening celebration, when it’s over there is the clear up then life goes on. Place your expectationsContinue reading “Psalm 37 Reimagined”

Psalm 33 reimagined

Like committed fans singing along to their favourite band, let’s give our all to singing to the Lord. Let our voices congratulate him / her for all that he/ she has done, with support of a full band. Perform new songs which speak of his / her achievements, singing with passion and playing with skill.Continue reading “Psalm 33 reimagined”

Psalm 26 reimagined

A psalm of David Judge the case against me, Lord and find me “not guilty”, for I have behaved with real honesty and I have relied on you without hesitating. Try the case against me and cross-examine my defence, Lord.  Scrutinize my intentions and examine my character. I know how deeply you have loved me,Continue reading “Psalm 26 reimagined”

Psalm 17 reimagined

A prayer of David’s I petition you for a fair judgment Lord.  Listen to my appeal for your support and review my heart-felt request. Please declare me to be innocent for you are the best judge of who does right. You have cross-examined my heart and questioned my thoughts as I sleep.  You have probedContinue reading “Psalm 17 reimagined”

Psalm 12 reimagined

Note: a psalm that David gave to the choir director to arrange for the choir to sing to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Turn things round, Lord, as the number of people following your ways is falling.  Those who are sticking with you seem few and far-between. Colleagues say flattering things to each other,Continue reading “Psalm 12 reimagined”

Psalm 10 reimagined

Why do you seem distant, Lord, when I need you the most?  Why is it so hard to find you when I am in trouble? The wicked track down the vulnerable looking to torment them, believing that they themselves cannot be touched.  Let the outcomes that they planned for the vulnerable be their just deserts.Continue reading “Psalm 10 reimagined”

Psalm 8 reimagined

Note: A psalm of David written for the choir director to arrange to be sung to the  accompaniment of a string orchestra. Lord, our leader, the earth is awesome and demonstrates your greatness.  The universe echoes with many voices of wonder. Yet you encourage children and toddlers to tell stories of your achievements and toContinue reading “Psalm 8 reimagined”

Psalm 7 reimagined

Note: David wrote and sung this Psalm to the Lord about what was said about him by Cush of the tribe of Benjamin.  I need your protection, Lord my Creator.  Please defend me against the attacks of these bullies. They seem intent on shredding my reputation and destroying my self-confidence and no-one wants to standContinue reading “Psalm 7 reimagined”

Psalm 4 reimagined

David wrote this psalm and gave it to the Choir Director to arrange for the choir to sing it to the accompaniment of a string orchestra. Please respond to my cries for help, my Creator, for you are the one who trusts me.  Forgive me for my failings and guide me through these challenging times.Continue reading “Psalm 4 reimagined”

Psalm 3 reimagined

Note: David wrote this Psalm when fleeing from his own son Absalom who had usurped the throne. I have so many enemies.  Everywhere I turn they surround me. They are even saying “your Creator has abandoned you. PAUSE But you Lord, have never left me.  You are always close and reassure me of your confidenceContinue reading “Psalm 3 reimagined”

Psalm 2 reimagined

Why are there conflicts between the nations?  Why do leaders waste time on creating futile plans? Why does it seem as though anger and hostility is never far from their minds?  They take every opportunity to oppose the Lord’s plan for unity and wholeness. “I am free to lead as I choose,” they say. “IContinue reading “Psalm 2 reimagined”

Psalm 1 reimagined

If you want to know deep happiness, don’t waste your time listening to the advice of twisted minds, or joining in the chatter of devious hearts, or laughing at the humour of those who devalue everything of worth. The Lord’s presence is with the person who takes great pleasure in thinking about his / herContinue reading “Psalm 1 reimagined”