Psalm 45 reimagined

Written by Korah’s family and given to the choir director to be sung as a song of affection to the tune called Lilies.

  1. The stunning poem I have just read has inspired my heart.  I am ready to read it aloud and draw out the depth of the meaning given to it by the skillful writer.
  1. Lord, you are the most striking of people.  When you speak you are polite and courteous.  It is there for all to see – the presence of the Creator is with you forever.
  2. You have the poise of a great general – you are impressive and distinguished.
  3. You have made it your purpose to support those who are oppressed – who are wrongly accused and unfairly treated, who are unable to defend themselves.  Pursue these amazing plans.
  4. Your questions and insights cut to the heart of any cause and under your examination, oppression is broken.
  1. My creator, your leadership lasts to the end of time and beyond.  You take responsibility for delivering fairness to all people.  
  2. Lord, you hate abuse but love fairness.  Therefore, our Creator and yours, has appointed you and given you the opportunity to fulfil this purpose, doing what you love.
  3. Wherever you go, you receive praise and recognition for what you have achieved and a place to rest when you need it.
  4. He / she gives you an extended family to love and care for and a soul-mate who is your equal.
  1. You have chosen to be the Lord’s companion.  Let go of who you have been and commit your all.
  2. For the Lord loves you with all his / her heart and enjoys being with you.  Respect and love him / her in return, for he / she is your soul-mate.
  3. Those who have power will want your approval and those with wealth will want your kindness.
  4. You look radiant and joyful from being in the Lord’s presence.
  5. You look delighted as you commit yourself to worship him / her.
  6. May nothing beat being with the Lord’s people in the Lord’s family home.
  1. Your whole family will be given the same responsibility and power, and you will appoint them to bring fairness for all time.
  2. I, your God, will ensure that you are shown great respect and that your good reputation lasts for all time.  All peoples will acclaim you, from now till the end of time.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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