Psalm 47 reimagined

A psalm of Korah’s family given to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. Let’s get together and offer the Creator a standing of ovation.  Let’s chant his / her name in celebration.
  2. For our Lord, is the Greatest of all Time and his / her achievements are breath-taking.  He / she is the most remarkable leader on the whole of planet Earth.
  3. He / she restrains those who oppose us and causes those who oppress us to back down.
  4. He / she has kept his promise to give us a place where we can live and thrive, and all his / her children are at home in this presence.


  1. When we see our Creator, we shout his / her name.  We give the Lord the ovation he / she deserves.
  2. We sing the praises of our Creator; we sing the praises of our Father.
  3. For our Creator is the leader of the whole of planet Earth.  We will songs of praise to him / her.
  4. Our Creator leads all the people of the earth and his / her entitlement and jurisdiction are beyond challenge.
  5. All the leaders of the peoples of the earth have assembled with the family of the Creator.  For the earth’s leaders receive their appointment from him / her.  He / she is greatly respected in all places.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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