Psalm 48 reimagined

A song written by Korah’s family.

  1. How wonderful is the Lord.  The Creator deserves all the compliments paid to him / her by his / her followers, those who enjoy being in his / her presence.
  2. There is nothing to compare to his / her family when they are together celebrating all that he / she has done for them.  Planet Earth is amazed at the sight.
  3. The Creator, himself / herself, is the guardian of his / her people, ensuring their complete protection.
  1. The leaders of the earth’s peoples conspired together against the Lord’s people.  
  2. But when they saw what they were up against, they were dumbfounded.  They became dismayed and their united front melted away.
  3. They were alarmed at how formidable the opposition was and torment gripped their minds.
  4. As a hurricane leaves carnage in its wake, your presence, disintegrated their offensive.
  1. Many had talked about the splendour of seeing the Lord’s people worshipping him / her and we had not believed their description until we saw them praising the Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces, for ourselves.  The Creator lives with his / her people and will care for them for all time.


  1. We get together to pay tribute to you, our Creator, and we reflect deeply on your inexhaustible love.
  2. You are acclaimed, the Creator, from every place on planet Earth – you have earned this by all that you have done.  Your determination brings you success.
  3. Let all your church celebrate.  Let all your people be delighted because you bring equity.
  1. Spend some time appraising the church.  See how it compares with all other organisations.
  2. Admire the strength of the relationships and the depth of the love, so that at no time in the future will his / her people be forgotten.  
  3. This is what our Creator does.  He / she will be our Creator from now until the end of time and he / she will accompany each of us until our time ends.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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