Psalm 49 reimagined

A psalm written by Korah’s family and given to the choir director to arrange.

  1. May everyone take notice of what I am about to share.  May all who live on planet Earth contemplate my words.  
  2. Whatever role you have, however well off you are, pay attention.
  3. What I am about to say is filled with experience and I have some real understanding to share.
  4. I have spent considerable time grappling with the wisdom of the philosophers and I have applied myself to solving the challenges of the times.
  1. We are all tempted to be fearful when circumstances are testing, and it seems as though our opponents have the upper hand.
  2. But they are confident because of their good income and their beautiful homes and possessions.
  3. Yet they will face the same end as all of us.  They cannot cheat death not even by bribing the Creator.  
  4. No amount of money can bring us freedom, even the money earned over eternity would not be enough.
  5. We simply cannot cheat death and live a life that never ends.
  1. All of us will die, whether clever or stupid, wise or purposeless, and we will leave all that we have accumulated behind.
  2. All lives will end and what follows will last for all time.  Those who are successful will try and leave a legacy in the hope of being remembered.
  3. But even that will quickly fade, and all will be forgotten.
  4. However wise we have seemed to be in life, death makes a fool of all of us.


  1. Many see their lives as based around a successful career, but all of us are progressing towards the same end.  Death is the final goal.  Their homes and estates might last, but their body will decay.  Only those who follow him will see a new dawn.
  2. For my Creator will set me free from the inevitability of death – he / she will cheat death for me.  


  1. Do not lose hope when the unprincipled have success and they accumulate ever more lavish possessions.  
  2. Death is the end of it all – they will leave it all behind and will have nothing to show for it.
  3. They have seen themselves as successful and have enjoyed their moment in the limelight.
  4. But their end will come as it has for all before them and once gone, that is their end.
  5. People who brag about their fortune and success are not wise; they will die as all life does.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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