Psalm 50 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph.

  1. The Lord, my God, the Creator has explained to us who he / she is; he / she has called for everyone on planet Earth to listen.
  2. From the beauty of his / her own home, the Creator demonstrates the deep fulness of his / her life.  
  3. Our Creator draws close to us and speaks clearly.  His / her presence gets everyone’s undivided attention, shaking people out of their disinterest.  
  4. He / she invites his/ her creation, both what is seen and what is not seen, to listen to his / her verdict on his / her people.
  5. “Assemble my devoted people – those who love me and have committed everything to me.”
  6. Let his / her unseen territories declare his / her fair-mindedness, for the Creator himself / herself will be their moderator.


  1. “My loved ones, take notice as I give my feedback.  These are my findings and my allegations.  I am the Creator; your Creator.
  2. I am happy with your worship and the gifts that you offer.
  3. But I have no need of the money from your account or the good deeds with which you try to impress.  
  4. For all the riches of the universe are mine – the minerals in the earth and all sources of energy.
  5. I created the universe and keep it in motion.  My heart is full of love and compassion for all the livings things on the Earth.    
  6. If I was hard up or struggling to act, I would not ask for your help for I have all that I need.     
  7. Do I buy things with money or need the support of others to get things done?
  8. Focus on giving yourselves in adoration and gratitude to your Creator and keep the promises of commitment that you made to the Greatest of all Time.
  9. Ask me for help when times are tough, and I will relieve you.  Deep gratitude will be the best response.”
  1. But the Creator says to the unprincipled, “Don’t waste your time learning my ground rules and keeping up the appearance of sticking to our agreement.
  2. You ignore my direction and treat my advice like hot air.
  3. You partner with cheats and associate with oppressors.
  4. Your conversations are filled with gossip and what you say is untrue.
  5. You devote time to smearing the family of whom you should be proud.  
  6. I kept my counsel while all this occurred which made you think that I was unconcerned.  But now I am telling it as it is and stating clearly my concerns.
  7. Ditch your agenda and take on mine, or I will leave you to your own devices and no-one will replace me as your guardian.
  8. Express real gratitude to me and show your true commitment.  Follow me and I will show you the liberty of your Creator.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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