Psalm 51 reimagined

David wrote this psalm as a response to the message which the Lord sent through Nathan after David had committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, and then had him murdered.  He gave the psalm to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. Please be tender-hearted towards me, my Creator, because of your inexhaustible love.  Because of your deep concern, remove the indelible marks left by my crimes.
  2. Soak me to remove the shame which clings so tenaciously.  Break the habits which make wrongdoing come so naturally.  
  3. My mind is disturbed by how easily defiance came to me.  My thoughts play it over again and again.  
  4. Above all, I have wronged you and I have done what you clearly stated to be offensive.  Your verdict will be correct because you have the right to judge and you will do so with fairness.  
  5. From the very moment I was conceived there was wrong in my heart and I was born a sinner.
  6. But you want goodness to come from deep within me and I need you to show me how.
  1. If you refine me, I will become pure; if you bathe me, I will become clean.
  2. Restore to this shattered person the sense of your presence and I will sing your praise.
  3. Look past my offenses and remove the indelible mark of my shame.
  4. Give me a pure love for you, my Creator.  Set me on fire for you.
  5. Please do not expel me from your company as I deserve and do not take your living presence from within me.
  1. May my heart bubble over with the delight of your liberation and give me a desire to follow your ways.
  2. May I coach other dissenters in observing your ground rules so that they choose to follow your ways too.
  3. Spare me, my Creator and recreator, even though I have taken a life; so that I can pay tribute to you for your tender-heartedness.
  4. Unlock my voice, Lord and I will sing songs of your love for me.
  1. You do not expect me to fulfil a religious ceremony or I would respond immediately.  You have no desire for me to undertake a penance.
  2. The response you look for is a broken heart.  My Creator, you will not turn away the person who approaches you when crushed and broken.  
  3. Take pleasure in your people and guide them; surround them with your protection.
  4. You will be pleased when we approach you in this way – you will accept our worship and prayers.  We will offer you songs of praise from hearts which delight in you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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