Psalm 29 reimagined

A psalm of David

  1. Let his / her whole family applaud the Lord; in the light of his / her dignity and power, show him / her the greatest respect.  
  2. Acclaim the Lord for the greatness of his / her character.  Contemplate the grandeur of his / her goodness and adore him / her.
  1. The vastness of the oceans speaks of the Lord’s restless spirit.  The roar of the breakers shout of the greatness of my God.
  2. The Lord speaks with creative force and pronounces impressive knowledge.
  3. The commands of the Lord have greater power than a hurricane that destroys strong and beautiful trees.
  4. His / her orders have the power to open extinct volcanoes and to create new peaks out of molten lava.
  5. One of the Lord’s words can strike forcefully with sudden brilliance and alarm.
  6. He / She speaks his / her mind and the earth quakes; the Lord’s judgements shake the wastelands of the world.
  7. When the Lord rebukes, he / she has the authority to bend the strongest ego and to remove the arrogance of a proud people.  In his / her home, his / her family and followers shout praise.
  1. The Lord can tame even the wildest floods.  He / she presides over the safe functioning of the earth for all time.
  2. He / she gives power and determination to all his / her followers.  The Lord gives them his / her presence and wholeness.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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