Psalm 30 reimagined

A psalm of David which he wrote to be sung at the dedication of the temple, after his death.

  1. I adore you Lord, for you have delivered me.  My opponents were strong, but you were stronger, and you put them in their place.
  2. I pleaded with you when my health was failing and you, my Lord, Creator and Healer, restored my strength.
  3. My life was slipping away but you, Lord, kept me from passing on.
  1. Let us worship the Lord together.  Let us shout his name in praise.
  2. His annoyance with us is short-lived, whereas his approval lasts for our whole lives.  There might be dark periods of pain and tears, but the light of his presence soon brings joy.  
  1. When I experienced success, I arrogantly said “I have made it.”
  2. But it was your kindness and support that had given me security and success, Lord.  When you turned your back on me, my world came crashing down.
  1. I pleaded with you Lord, crying out to you to be tender-hearted,
  2. What will be achieved if I die; if I am lost to the world?  Will my ashes worship you?  Will they recall how dependable you have been?
  3. Please listen Lord and show me sympathy.  Please help me.
  1. You have transformed my despair into elation.  You blew away the dark clouds and I stand in the dawn of your presence,
  2. Singing songs of worship to you at the top of my voice.  Lord my Creator, I will never stop showing you my heart-felt gratitude.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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