Psalm 91 reimagined

  1. Anyone who lives in the home of the Greatest-of-all-Time, will experience the guardianship of the Most Powerful One.  
  2. The Lord, and the Lord alone is my hideaway and protector; he / she is my Creator and all my confidence is in him / her.
  3. He / she will release you from every hazard and safeguard you from any fatal illness.
  4. He / she will treat you gently when you need to know his / her care and wrap his / her arms around you when you need to know his / her love.  He / she has given you his / her word and you can rely on him / her completely.
  5. There is no need to fear the unknown or worry about bad luck.
  6. Do not be scared of catching a disease which you cannot see or being hit by a tragedy which you cannot avoid.
  7. Things will happen to people around you – they may drop like flies from disaster or disease, but you will be protected against these calamities.
  8. Observe what happens around you and see how the perverse suffer as a result of their actions.
  1. Because the Lord is your guardian and the Greatest-of-all-Time provides you with a secure hideaway, 
  2. No harm will overcome you and no contagion will touch your family.
  3. He / she will send his / her hidden workers to safeguard you wherever you are.
  4. They will support you whatever you do and protect you wherever you go.
  5. With his / her support, you will transform your fears into opportunities, and you will defeat your oppressors.
  1. He / she promises, “I will liberate those who are devoted to me and I will safeguard those who are wholly committed to me.
  2. I will respond when they plead for my help – I will stick close when they experience hardships.  I will deliver them and show them respect.
  3. In return for their devotion, I will give them a new life which will result in unending time in my presence.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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