Psalm 92 reimagined

A song to be sung when the Lord’s followers gather together for worship on the Lord’s Day.

  1. What a pleasure it is to meet together to show gratitude to the Lord and to acclaim him / her as the Greatest-of-all-Time.
  2. We will start the day by affirming your inexhaustible love and we will end the day remembering your dedication to us.
  3. We will sing songs of praise accompanied by keyboards, bass and guitar.
  1. How excited I am by all your kindness to me, Lord.  My heart will bubble over when I recall all your support.
  2. Lord, you accomplish some fantastic things and you develop ideas which I cannot begin to understand.
  3. Give us the knowledge to understand and the wisdom to see,
  4. That the depraved will not always have their own way but will be overthrown for all time.
  1. We, and all your followers, will ensure that you are adored for ever, Lord.
  2. Those who oppose you will be defeated, Lord, and the malicious will be dispersed.
  3. In contrast, you have equipped me to be powerful and determined.  You have appointed me to the purpose you have for me.
  4. I have observed the collapse of my antagonists and my vicious oppressors have been overpowered.
  5. Your followers will prosper even when on their own in tough places and together they will grow tall and powerful.
  6. The Lord invites his / her followers to live with him / her in his / her home and they will thrive in the presence of their Creator.
  7. Even as they get to the end of their life, they will still produce the unique signs of his / her life – his / her presence will give them vitality and health.
  8. They will make known their devotion saying, “The Lord is fair to all.  He / she is my guardian and he / she is not cruel.”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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