Psalm 93 reimagined

  1. The Lord designed and made the universe.  His / her creativity is incomparable and his / her power and determination are pre-eminent.  The earth the Lord made sticks to its orbit and it is immovable.
  1. Lord, you created time and you have overseen your creation from the start.  You are timeless; you have no beginning and no end.
  2. On the earth, the water levels may rise, Lord and the rivers and lakes may flood, causing untold damage.
  3. The winds may reach storm levels, and the seas turn wild.  But you, Lord, are more powerful than the raging seas or the crashing waves.  You are more powerful than all.
  4. You set the design rules for the universe and these remain unwavering.  Your governance over creation, Lord is thorough and dedicated and will last for all time.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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