Psalm 94 reimagined

  1. Lord, my God, you hold people to account for what they do.  Step in now as we need to see your desire for fairness and equity shine through.
  2. Set up your court and pass sentence on those who are guilty of unprincipled behaviour.
  3. Why delay this Lord? How can you allow the depraved to think that they will always escape judgement?
  4. Do you hear their boasting?  When will you do something about the cruel and corrupt?
  5. Lord, they trample on those you claim as members of your family.
  6. They take the lives of the unprotected – the bereaved, the immigrants and the parentless.
  7. Lord, they claim that you deliberately ignore what they are doing – they assume that the Creator is not sympathetic to those who need your help.
  1. Are you people really so deluded?  It is time to get things in perspective.
  2. The person who created the sense of hearing, do you think that he / she is deaf?  The one who designed the eye, do you think he / she cannot see?
  3. He / she holds the great peoples of the earth to account – do you think he / she will let you escape?  Nothing escapes his / her attention – what do you think makes you so special?
  4. The Lord knows what is going on in your head and to be honest, he / she is not impressed.
  1. Lord, those you choose to coach are really fortunate – you love them enough to be honest.
  2. You stand with them in disturbing times especially as they wait for their oppressors to face judgement.
  3. The Lord will stick with his / her followers and will continue to love his / her family.
  4. He / she will ensure that fairness and equity come to the fore and those who love what he / she loves will chase this with determination.
  1. Who will safeguard me from the depraved?  Who will protect me from the cruel?
  2. The Lord has stepped forward and I would not be here if he / she had not done so.
  3. I shrieked, “Help me – I am falling”.  You caught hold of me, Lord, because your love for me is inexhaustible.
  4. My mind was in turmoil, but your reassuring presence restored my trust and lifted my spirits.
  1. There are corrupt leaders who assert that you give them their powers.  Yet their laws create oppression.
  2. With the help of their supporters, they intimidate your followers and declare that the blameless are guilty.
  3. The Lord is my guardian; my Creator is the one I trust for protection when things are tough.
  4. He / she will ensure that those who treat people with cruelty and depravity will experience it themselves.  In the end their wickedness will destroy them – the Lord our Creator will ensure that it does.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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