Psalm 95 reimagined

  1. Join me in singing out to the Lord.  Let us chant out our thanks to the architect of our rescue.
  2. May our hearts overflow with gratitude and let’s put our hearts into adoring him / her.
  3. If you look at all the things that people worship, the Lord our Creator is the greatest.  Of all the leaders, he / she is the wisest and most caring.  
  4. From the bottomless depths of the oceans, to the summits of the highest mountains, he / she cares for the whole earth.
  5. The oceans were his / her idea and he / she designed their characteristics.  With intricate detail he / she shaped the land.
  1. With great respect, let’s acknowledge that the Lord made each one of us – we owe him / her our very lives.
  2. He / she is our Creator and he / she keeps a watch out for each of us.  If you do nothing else, pay attention to what he / she is saying to you right now.
  1. “When things don’t go the way you want, avoid arguing with me about what is happening or setting me challenges to test whether I love you.
  2. In the past, my people have been quick to forget all that I have done for them when things seem to be going wrong.  They have questioned my care for them.
  3. There are whole generations of followers who refused to take my direction and they allowed their hearts to become cold towards me.  We were at loggerheads for years.
  4. In my frustration, I made it clear that their refusal to trust me meant that they could not enjoy my care and goodness”

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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