Psalm 96 reimagined

  1. There is no time like the present for discovering something new about the Lord and falling in love with him / her all over again.  Let every part of the planet acknowledge all that he / she has done.
  2. Give your full focus to paying tribute to the Lord.  Everyday tell anyone who will listen about his / her deliverance.
  3. Broadcast news of his / her marvellous achievements to all peoples.  Ensure that no-one is in the dark about his / her astonishing exploits.
  4. The Lord is remarkable and deserves all the plaudits.  No-one deserves more respect.
  5. People commit themselves to all sorts of things, but all of these are flawed.  In contrast, our Lord created the universe – the visible and the hidden things.
  6. His / her dignity and grandeur are striking, and, when you are in his / her company, his / her courage and charm are pervasive.
  1. It is time for all peoples to appreciate the Lord – he / she is distinguished and determined.
  2. Let them give to the Lord a worthy tribute, speaking with humility and gratitude.
  3. The Lord’s brilliance will throw you to your knees in devotion.  The planet will quake in appreciation.
  4. Make it clear to all people, “The Lord presides”.  Under his / her guidance, the earth sticks diligently to its task and will not change.  He / she will bring justice and equity.
  1. Let the universe be pleased and the earth delighted.  May the oceans and the life in them, chant out their approval.
  2. Let all vegetation, wild and cultivated, bloom in tribute.  Let the branches of the forests sway in gratitude.
  3. The Lord is arriving to restore justice.  He / she will weigh the real evidence and make decisions that will bring justice and equity.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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