Psalm 90 reimagined

A prayer written by Moses – he was Creator’s man.

  1. Through every era, Boss, you have been everything we need to live.  
  2. You existed before time – before the mountains appeared.  In fact, you created everything.  You were there at the start and will be at the end, our God. 
  1. You call time on our lives, deciding when our end has come.  
  2. You see time differently.  For you a thousand years are like a busy day or short night.
  3. For us, our lives go by so quickly.  At the start, life offers so many hopes and dreams.
  4. Yet, what was once so full of promise, has passed by in a flash and we are left disappointed by unfulfilled desires.
  5. We become only too aware of how much we let you down.  We can drown feeling that you are annoyed and displeased with us.
  6. You know all that there is to know about us – our wrongdoings and faults.  Nothing is hidden from you.
  7. It feels as though we live our lives disappointing you and we pass on with many regrets.
  1. A good life would be to reach 70 and a few people live to be 80.  You called me to my greatest work at 80 and even these years, my best, have flown by, and have been tough and challenging.
  2. How deep is your frustration with us?  Do we have to fear you to show you the respect you deserve?
  3. May we learn to appreciate the transitory nature of life so that we learn to live wisely.
  1. Lord, return to us and do not hold back.  Be tender-hearted towards your followers.
  2. At the start of each day, fills us with your inexhaustible love, and we will take delight in adoring you, until our final breath.
  3. Our hearts have been full of sorrow – fill them instead with delight.  We have lived through disastrous times – may we know your kind-hearted provision.
  4. We are your followers – may we see new accomplishments from you and experience your greatness.
  5. Lord, our Creator, please smile your pleasure upon us and turn our exertions into achievements.  Yes, turn our exertions into achievements

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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