Psalm 105 reimagined

  1. Express your gratitude to the Lord and make known his / her amazing exploits.  Ensure that everyone knows about everything that he / she has achieved.
  2. Join together and chant out his / her name.  Make sure that the whole world knows what he / she has accomplished.
  3. Take delight in thinking of who the Lord is and adore being with him / her.
  4. Spend time with the Lord and to get to know him / her better – may knowing him / her make you strong.
  5. Always be thinking of the marvels that he / she has done for you and the guidance he / she has offered
  6. To the extended family of Abraham, his / her chosen friend, and the sons and daughters of Jacob who he /she has adopted.
  1. He / she is the Lord, our Creator; his / her fairness is seen everywhere you look.
  2. He / she will always stick to the commitment he / she gave to all his / her followers, for generation after generation.
  3. He / she made the promise to Abraham and renewed it with Isaac, his son.
  4. With Jacob, the grandson, he / she agreed a contract, and this was extended to  everyone in his family for all time.
  5. “The territory of Canaan will be the place which I give you to live in.”
  1. When he / she first made this promise, they were a small family living in a new and unfamiliar land.
  2. They were nomads, wandering between other people’s territories and countries.
  3. Despite their vulnerability, he / she protected them, and he / she warned the leaders of other peoples,
  4. “Do not harm these people as they are special to me and they speak out what I want to be said.”
  1. He / she commanded a food shortage in the land of Canaan, putting all life at risk. 
  2. He / she chose Joseph to go ahead of them to Egypt to give them a way out, but he was sold into slavery.
  3. They imprisoned him, binding him hand and foot with an iron ring around his neck.
  4. For Joseph, this seemed a long way from the vision he had been given of his life, but the Lord was proving him out.
  5. Pharaoh, the leader of the people, had Joseph set free and brought before him.
  6. He made Joseph head of his estates and manager of all his property and assets.
  7. Joseph organised the King’s staff and advised his counsellors.
  1. Then Israel came to live in Egypt, and he and his family lived as refugees in a foreign land.
  2. There the Lord caused the family to grow until their hosts became intimidated by their strength of numbers.
  3. He / she changed the attitude of the Egyptians towards the Israelites, and they enslaved and oppressed his / her people.
  1. He / she chose Moses who he / she had mentored and Aaron to lead the liberation.
  2. They demonstrated to the Egyptians, his / her love for his / her people through the wonders they performed in that foreign land.
  3. He / she subjected the land of Egypt to total darkness when they ignored his / her instruction to liberate his / her people.
  4. He / she turned all the lakes and rivers into blood, polluting it for the fish.
  5. Then a plague of frogs overwhelmed the land, infesting even the King’s private rooms.
  6. He / she spoke out his / her instruction and there was an invasion of flies on the people and gnats inundated the country.
  7. He / she changed rain showers into hailstorms and lightning cracked across the sky.
  8. This ruined their grapevines and figs and destroyed all other trees.  
  9. He / she uttered a command and swarms of locusts appeared – so many that they could not be counted. 
  10. They consumed all the plants in the land, ruining their harvests.
  11. Finally, he / she put to death the eldest male in each Egyptian family, the cream of the country.
  1. He / she liberated his / her people from Egypt, and they left with gold and silver given to them by the Egyptians.  Not one person from all their families was left behind.
  2. The people of Egypt were pleased to see the back of them as they were now in deep dread.  
  3. He / she protected and guided them with a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire to lighten the night.
  4. He / she put meat on the menu by sending flocks of quail when they asked for food; when they were hungry, the dew became bread on the ground.
  5. In the dry desert, he /she ruptured a rock which provided a flowing river of water.
  6. He / she recalled his / her solemn vow made to Abraham, many generations before.
  7. When he / she liberated his / her people from Egypt, each person was happy, and they celebrated together.
  8. He / she gave them the lands of unbelieving people, just as he / she had promised, and they collected crops which other people had cultivated.
  9. All this took place so that they would follow his / her guidance and observe his / her directions.

Let everyone acclaim the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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