Psalm 77 reimagined

Asaph wrote this psalm and gave it to Jeduthun, the choir director, to arrange for the choir to sing.

  1. I am so desperate for the Creator to respond, that I am raising my voice so my pleas will be heard.
  2. Hardships were coming at me from every side and I needed help from the Boss.  Sleep eluded me at night and so I stayed awake pleading with him / her, but I found no consolation.
  3. My thoughts are continually turning to the Creator and I yearn to have his / her help.


  1. I can’t find any peace, especially at night.  I can’t even focus my mind on imploring you to help.
  2. I think back to the times when you seemed so close but all that seems a life time ago.
  3. In those days, my heart would be filled with songs of praise, even when waking at night.  Where did it all go wrong?  I can’t seem to find an answer.
  4. Has the Boss turned his / her back on me for ever?  Will he / she ever be kind-hearted to me again?
  5. Has his / her inexhaustible love been withdrawn from me?  What of his / her undertakings – have they been revoked for all time?
  6. Has my God lost sight of being considerate to me?  Have I lost my place in his / her heart of love?


  1. I concluded that if the Greatest-of-all-Time had turned his / her back on me, then my destiny is set.
  2. But then I began to think back over my life and to remember all the care you have showered on me and the amazing things you have done for your followers.
  3. The more I thought in this way, the more my mind became preoccupied with all the things that you have done.
  1. My Creator, your purposes and actions are always sacred.  In faith, people follow many other leaders but none of them is as immense as you.
  2. You are my God who does awesome things which take our breath away.  You prove how powerful you are to all people.
  3. You, yourself take action to liberate your followers, saving them from eternal ignominy and bringing them into your family.
  1. Our Creator, when you challenged death, the sky turned black in the middle of the day.
  2. The earth shook, rocks cracked open and the dead returned to life.
  3. Jesus, your liberator, walked out of the grave, bringing fear to those who would have kept him dead and returning hope to those who followed him.
  4. You broke the religious divide between you and people, giving the opportunity to everyone to be your child.
  5. You call those who commit themselves to you, your followers and your children.  You give them your Spirit to be their leader and guardian.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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