Psalm 33 reimagined

  1. Like committed fans singing along to their favourite band, let’s give our all to singing to the Lord.
  2. Let our voices congratulate him / her for all that he/ she has done, with support of a full band.
  3. Perform new songs which speak of his / her achievements, singing with passion and playing with skill.
  4. When the Lord makes a promise, he/ she keeps his / her word.  He /she does a trustworthy job of everything he / she takes on.
  5. He / she is fair and kind-hearted by nature and the Lord’s inexhaustible love fills the planet.  
  1. The Lord uttered a word and the universe came into being.  He / she spoke his / her purpose in a whisper and the stars took up their place.
  2. He / she shaped the seas by trapping them between tracts of land but let the oceans roam free to cover the globe.
  3. Let all peoples respect what the Lord has achieved and every individual marvel at what they see.
  4. He / she created by speaking a few mere words – all was done at his / her instruction.
  1. The Lord obstructs the plans of all the nations and inhibits all their plots.
  2. His / her plans, however, remain paramount for ever – his / her goals cannot be overturned.
  1. The people who make the Creator, their Lord, know real happiness and he / she makes them all members of his / her family.
  1. The Lord looks at the activities of the whole earth and watches the human race.
  2. He / she takes time to observe each person living on the Earth. 
  3. He / she created each one including their motives and so he / she understands what makes them tick.
  4. A person can build up their own strength or surround themselves with tough people but that won’t make them free.
  5. Others count on wealth or technology to give them an edge, but none of those things will give you a successful life.
  1. But the Lord cares for those who respect him / her and who depend on his / her unerring love.
  2. He / she delivers them from a purposeless life, and he / she meets their essential needs.
  1. Let us make the Lord the focus of our dreams.  He / she is our support and protector.
  2. Our hearts are delighted when we trust him / her completely.
  3. May your inexhaustible love stick close by us because it is only you who can give us confidence.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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