Psalm 32 reimagined

A psalm of David

  1. I experience great happiness and relief when the Lord excuses my wilful desire to do things my own way, and when he / she overlooks the failures that follow.
  2. There is real pleasure in knowing that the Lord does not keep a track of my lapses – I can be open with him / her and not feel criticised.
  3. When I tried to ignore the hurt I caused you, it was me that suffered – I was distracted and on edge.  I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep.
  4. Not an hour went by when I did not feel that I had let you down.  I lost my focus and my ability to get things done.


  1. Finally, I realised that this could not go on.  I could not go on pretending that I was in the right – “I need to get it off my chest”, I said.  So, I was open with you, Lord, about my wilfulness, my lapses and my failures.  And you did what you always do, you let it go.  It’s as though it never happened.


  1. If you love the Lord and are one of his / her followers, do not waste a moment.  Get on and be honest with him / her.  Don’t let your self-criticism drag you down.
  2. You, Lord, are my oasis; you draw me out of the wilderness which I make for myself.  You welcome me back into your presence with a great celebration.


  1. “I will steer you along the best route for your life.  I will give you clear direction and guide you round the roadblocks.
  2. I have not made you like a machine which does exactly what it is told – use the common sense and mind which I have given you.”
  1. Those who do their own thing will sink into a despair of their own making, but those who put their hope in the Lord will experience his / her inexhaustible love.
  2. You who chose to follow his / her directions, enjoy working with the Lord, and be delighted in his / her company.  Let out cheers of joy, all you who fix your hearts on pleasing him / her.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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