Psalm 34 reimagined

A psalm of David written when he was on the run from Saul the king but had to pretend to be insane not to fall into the hands of an enemy nation.  

  1. In every moment, on every occasion, I will adore the Lord.  I will take every opportunity to speak highly of him / her.
  2. I cannot brag about what I have achieved but only of what the Lord has done.  May this encourage those who have no-one to depend on.
  3. Let us get together and talk of the Lord’s excellence; let us acclaim him / her together.
  1. I poured out my requests to the Lord and he / she responded.  He / she allayed my anxieties and protected me from my worst fears.
  2. Those who rely on him / her for support will know deep gladness; no disappointment will shake their trust.
  3. I was agonising over my predicament and poured out my heart to the Lord.  He / she listened and understood and delivered me from all my torments.
  4. The Lord sent his / her messenger to protect me; he / she is a close guardian for all who are in awe of him / her.
  1. Get stuck in – experience life with the Lord and see how kind-hearted he / she is.  Take the plunge and feel the elation that comes from his / her presence.
  2. If you follow him / her, hold him / her in awe, for those who respect him / her find satisfaction.  
  3. Develop your trust in the Lord and he / she will ensure that you have what you need – not even the young and wealthy can say that.
  1. While you are still open to learn, listen to me and I will show you how to live a life for the Lord.
  2. Do you want to live a long and flourishing life?
  3. Control your tongue – do not say cruel or fabricated things.
  4. Turn your back on malicious intentions and be considerate to those you meet.  Aim for whole and beneficial relationships – keep hold of them and do not let them slip away.
  1. The Lord is attentive towards those who respect his / her wishes – he / she watches out for them and listens to their pleas.
  2. He / she turns his / her back on those who are malicious, and they risk being forgotten altogether.
  3. The Lord listens out for the cries of those who love him / her.  He / she delivers them from their hardships.
  4. The Lord draws close to those who are dejected, and he / she picks up those who have lost all faith in themselves.
  1. The Lord’s followers face many griefs and hardships, but he / she reaches out and liberates them every time.
  2. He / she protects his / her people – not a hair on their heads is harmed.
  1. Things will turn around for the malicious who will get caught in their own cruelty.  Those who oppress the Lord’s people will become oppressed.
  2. But the Lord will rescue those who follow him / her.  Those who trust him / her will be affirmed in love.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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