Psalm 35 reimagined

A psalm of David

  1. Challenge those who challenge me, Lord.  Attack those who are attacking me.
  2. Put on your helmet and flak jacket, ready for a clash.  Come to my support, Lord.
  3. Show yourself to those who hound me; stand tall so that they can see that you will protect me.  Reassure me that we will win out.
  4. Confront those who are determined to see an end of me.  Challenge them so that they become confused and humiliated and make a retreat.
  5. Like dust blown away at the whim of a strong wind, may your messenger drive them away, Lord.
  6. Pursue them along their treacherous escape route on which they will find no secure footing.
  7. They were gunning for me, but I had not planned them harm.  They tried to trip me up, but I did not have them in my sights.
  8. May it abruptly turn around for them.  May they be caught in their own trap.  May they be torn down by their own sabotage.
  1. I will be delighted with the Lord.  I will be thrilled that he / she has liberated me.
  2. With every fibre of my being, I will acclaim him / her saying: “There is no-one like you, Lord.”  Who else would liberate the humble from their oppressors?  Who else would guard the powerless and disadvantaged from those who would cheat them?
  1. A hate campaign is building up against me. I am being accused of things I did not do.
  2. Why are they so cruel when all my intentions have been kind-hearted?  This leaves me feeling wretched.
  3. When they were unwell, I was concerned for them.  I prayed and went without food, though my prayers were without effect.
  4. I showed them the sympathy that I would give to close friends and family; I was distressed as though it was my own mother who was ill.
  5. They have repaid me by being pleased now that I am up against it.  They triumphantly gang up against me.  I am ambushed by strangers who smear me without mercy.
  6. They laugh in my face and lash out at me, using offensive names.
  1. You see all this going on and yet you do nothing, Boss.  Why is that?  Free me from their vicious aggression.  Guard me against their blood thirsty attacks.
  2. I will express my gratitude to you in front of the whole church and let my cheers be heard by everyone.
  3. Don’t let my deceitful opponents have the opportunity to gloat over my surrender.  Don’t let their unjustified loathing lead to my dejection.
  4. They pick on blameless people who are trying to lead quiet lives; the last thing on their minds is strong community and right relationships.
  5. They focus on making accusations – “it was him; we saw him do it!”
  1. Lord, I am not telling you something you don’t know – you see it all.  Say something; do something, Boss.  Don’t leave me on my own.
  2. Please prepare a case to defend me.   Speak as my advocate, my Creator and my Boss.  
  3. You give fair judgements so hear my case and declare me not guilty, Lord my Creator.  Let me not become a laughingstock for my adversaries.
  4. Don’t let them get the upper hand and say “We have him where we want him.  He is at our mercy.”
  1. Turn things round Lord, so that those who get their laughs at my expense are shamed and humiliated; so that those who celebrate my downfall are embarrassed and disgraced.
  2. Reward those who jumped to my defence with deep happiness.  Let them acclaim you saying, “The Lord is excellent – he / she defends his / her follower and gives him wholeness.”
  3. I will acclaim your fairness and pay tribute to you every moment of the day.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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