Psalm 36 reimagined

A psalm which David, a devoted follower of the Lord, gave to the Choir Director for arrangement.

  1. The hearts and minds of the unprincipled focus on doing wrong.  They have no thought or respect for the Creator.
  2. They focus so much on how they think and feel that they cannot see the hurt that follows in their wake.
  3. All their talk is warped and dishonest.  They turn down opportunities to act in an understanding way and to commit to being kind-hearted.
  4. Their quiet moments are filled with developing corrupt schemes and the outcomes are never good.  There is never a thought of turning their back on being malicious.
  1. Your love for us Lord is inexhaustible.  It extends beyond the universe and you are as faithful as the day is long.
  2. Your goodness to us is as dependable as the mountains are solid; your fairness is like the great oceans, filling every needy space.  Lord, you care for everything you created, in the same way, people and animals.
  3. Your dependable love is priceless, my Creator.  You extend your care to everyone.
  4. Supplying their needs from your own richly stocked warehouse and satisfying their thirst for life from your river of well-being.
  5. The vitality you give wells up within them and you provide them with the vision to understand life.
  1. Shower your inexhaustible love on those who love you and your fairness to those who have genuine hearts.
  2. Curtail the actions of the arrogant so that I am not overrun.  Don’t let me be bullied by the unprincipled.
  3. News flash!  The cruel have been taken down.  Their powerbase has been demolished so that it cannot be rebuilt.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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