Psalm 103 reimagined

A psalm written by David

  1. May all that I am – every breath, every movement, every thought, every feeling – acclaim the Lord.  I will adore him / her and chant his / her name.
  2. May all that I am – my hopes, my loves, my dreams, my strengths – acclaim the Lord.  I will always remember his / her loving kindness towards me.
  3. He / she overlooks my wrongdoings and restores me to wholeness.
  4. My life was aimless, and my end seemed clear and final, but he / she gave me unending life and showered me with his / her boundless love and tender-heartedness.
  5. My life has become satisfying because of all he / she gives to me.  I am revitalised as though my life has started all over again.
  1. The Lord draws alongside those who are oppressed guaranteeing them fairness and goodness.
  1. He / she shows his / her personality and nature through Jesus, and his / her followers see his / her exploits.
  2. The Lord is kind and tender-hearted, he / she does not become easily displeased and his / her love is inexhaustible.
  3. It is not in his / her nature to be always making allegations and if he / she does become irritated, it will soon be over.
  4. He / she does not aim to teach us a lesson over our every wrongdoing or handle us severely, even though that would be warranted.
  5. He / she loves those of us who respect him / her with an inexhaustible love.  It is boundless filling the universe.
  6. He / she takes the wrongdoings for which we are responsible, and he / she separates them from us so that there is no guilt or shame.
  7. The Lord loves us with a father’s / mother’s love – he / she is sympathetic and caring towards all who love him / her in return.
  8. He / she is familiar with how inadequate we are; he / she recalls that without his / her creative act we would not exist at all.
  9. Long as they seem to us, in the span of time our lives are short – we flourish and we die.
  10. Events bring change, and are lives are soon over – as quickly as we arrive, we are forgotten leaving no legacy.
  11. In contrast, the Lord’s love is boundless and inexhaustible towards those who respect him / her and to their children and grandchildren.
  12. He / she is loyal to those who are committed to him / her – to those who follow his / her direction.
  1. The Lord is the leader of everything in the universe – all that we can see and all that is hidden from view.  He / she ensures that everything sticks to the maker’s instructions.
  1. Delight in the Lord, all his / her hidden workers, who with strength and purpose execute his / her plans, paying attention to his / her specific requirements.
  2. Yes, adore the Lord, the commander of all creation’s forces; may you his / her followers, look to him / her and follow his / her instructions.
  3. Let all the variety of things he / she made, acclaim him/ her – everything, everywhere – all things in his / her universe.

May all that I am – every breath, every movement, every thought, every feeling – acclaim the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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