Psalm 102 reimagined

This is the prayer of someone drowning under the weight of great problems who is letting rip at the Lord.

  1. Lord pay attention.  Hear my cries.
  2. Don’t turn you back on me when things are so difficult.  Come alongside me and respond when I ask.
  3. My time seems to be of no consequence and my body aches.
  4. Everything that once mattered to me has become meaningless.
  5. Stress is causing me to lose weight and I have become a shadow of my former self.
  6. I lead a solitary life.  I cannot find anyone who can relate to me.
  7. I toss and turn at night with my thoughts as my only companion.
  8. I am surrounded by tormentors who tease and condemn me.
  9. Grief has become meat and drink for me.
  10. It feels as though you have chosen me to be your punch bag.
  11. Life is passing me by and I am feeling worthless.
  1. But you Lord will go on for ever.  You will lead and guide your creation for as long as time exists.
  2. You will not sit by and watch your followers struggle.  You will support your people – please do it now as you promised.
  3. Your followers love to be where you have placed them and despite the challenges, they love the people for whom you have asked them to care.
  4. The people of the world are in for a surprise.  The Lord will shock them, and they will be unnerved.
  5. The Lord will restore and revive his / her people and he / she will stand with them, showing his / her greatness.
  6. He / she will pay attention to the pleas of the oppressed and the abused, and he / she will respond.
  1. Note down what you see for those who will come later, so that they will hear about what the Lord has done and acclaim him.
  2. Record that the Lord did not keep his / her distance, but he / she kept an eye out for his / her people.
  3. He / she heard the cries of those who were detained, and he / she liberated those sentenced to death.
  4. The Lord’s people will gather together to rejoice over what he / she has done and to cheer his / her achievements.
  5. It will be a huge gathering bringing together people from many nations to adore and acclaim the Lord.
  1. As for me, in my middle years he / she weakened me and put me near death.
  2. I pleaded with him / her, “My God, I have so much to look forward to; do not let it end now.”
  3. At the beginning of time, you built the earth from the bottom up and you, yourself, shaped the universe.
  4. One day, they will disappear, but you will live on.  They will deteriorate and ebb away, but you have the power to create a replacement.
  5. You, yourself are unchanging and you will live for all time.
  6. You will be the guardian of your followers – your children and their descendants will flourish under your care.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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