Psalm 65 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to arrange.

  1. When your followers get together, we love to speak about you, our Creator – the noise of our talking and singing is deafening.  Our greatest wish is to be your loyal sons and daughters.  
  2. We enjoy being in your presence and are grateful that you answer our hearts’ desires.
  3. Though we are devastated by how easily we let you down, you pardon us and overlook our wrongdoings.
  4. We are delighted that you have invited us to join you in your home.  We love to talk with you in your lounge, to walk with you in your gardens and to celebrate with you in your banqueting suite.
  1. We request the longings that are on our hearts, Creator and you answer them through exploits that only you can do.  Whoever we are and wherever we go, you are the one who turns our desires into strong expectations.  Those who feel out on a limb, learn to trust you.
  2. By your expertise you created the mountains and you defeated oppression through sheer determination.
  3. You calm the fiercest storm and crashing waves.  You bring peace to the arguments between nations.
  4. In every corner of the world, people stare and marvel at what you have done.  Wherever the light of the sun reaches, you put delight in people’s hearts.
  1. Like a meticulous gardener, you tend and water the earth so that plants grow in abundance.  You provide plenty of water so that the crops are plentiful.
  2. You send rain to fall on the fields the farmers have prepared, making the soil fine and moist, ready for the seed.  While the plants grow, you, our Creator, send showers of rain and rivers of water to ensure a lavish harvest.
  3. The whole year builds towards the harvest and you ensure that it is plentiful.  Crops even grow in the hardest of ground.
  4. The dry desert places become fertile and the fruit trees display their love for you.
  5. The pastures by the river are home to many herds of sheep, while the ripe grain glows in the sun.  Your whole creation revels in delight of you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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