Psalm 66 reimagined

A song and poem written for the Choir Director

  1. Let everyone get to their feet and give our Creator a great ovation.
  2. Chant his / her name and sing about how excellent he / she is.
  3. Tell our Creator, “everything you do is awesome”, and watch his / her opponents run for cover.
  4. Every single thing on planet Earth will be devoted to him / her.  They will sing songs which pay tribute for all that he / she has done.


  1. Join us and see the wonders our Creator has delivered for us.
  2. He / she has brought us back from the oblivion of our wrongdoing, by giving up his / her son to death but bringing him back from the grave.
  3. This has made him / her a great leader over all things for all time.  He / she keeps a watchful eye over all peoples and confronts all rebellion.


  1. Let everything on earth give our Creator the acclaim he / she deserves.
  2. We trust him / her with our very being and he / she does not let us down.
  3. You have assessed us and coached us so that we follow your ways more effectively.
  4. We have experienced the captivity that our wrongdoing imposed on us.
  5. But you sent us a saviour, who brought us back from death to life, releasing us to live in all your fulness.  
  1. I am pleased to experience the delight of your presence and to keep the promises that I made to you,
  2. The promises I made to you when I was in desperate need and pleaded for your liberation and freedom.
  3. I am committing all that I am to you because of all that you have done for me.


  1. I will share the story of what the Creator has done for me with all who will listen.
  2. I pleaded with him to rescue me whilst remembering his love and determination.
  3. My heart was weighed down with the guilt and the burden of my wrongdoing, but I asked the Boss for his forgiveness and he gave me new life.
  4. My Creator heard all my requests and he answered my appeals.
  5. I pay tribute to my Creator who heard my pleas and continues to love me with his inexhaustible love.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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