Psalm 113 reimagined

  1. Adore the Lord.  Acclaim him / her, all you who are committed to be his / her followers.  Pay tribute to his / her character.
  2. Tell the Lord what he / she means to you.  Tell him / her now and forevermore.    
  3. Wherever you are on planet Earth, speak highly of who the Lord is.
  4. For the Lord is a greater leader than we have ever seen or will ever see.  His / her presence fills the whole universe.
  1. Is there anyone who could be put alongside the Lord our Creator?  Anyone who is such a great leader?
  2. He / she watches all that happens on planet Earth, in the universe and in the places we cannot see.
  3. He / she sees those who are locked into poverty and puts them where they can thrive; he / she places the destitute where they no longer need other people’s throwaways.
  4. He / she appoints them to work as leaders, even leading his / her own followers.
  5. He / she grants the desires of the woman who wants children, making her a fulfilled mother.  Adore the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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