Psalm 112 reimagined

Written as an acrostic psalm in the style of the original.

  1. Acclaim the Lord.

All who respect the Lord find deep happiness and fulfilment in following his / her ground rules.

  1. Benefits will be given to their children, who will be successful in all they do; the whole generation will follow the Lord and know his / her presence.
  2. Caring actions will be the foundation for this generation and those to follow, and they themselves will be fulfilled.
  3. Darkness may surround the Lord’s followers, but they will walk on a well-lit path.  Their relationships will be sincere and characterised by kindness and sympathy.
  4. Even-handed conduct in business and unselfish generosity in lending money will lead to a purposeful life.
  5. Free from the fear of malicious reactions, their trustworthy relationships will always be remembered.
  6. Given bad news, the Lord’s love and guardianship will be enough for them.  
  7. Happy, assured and courageous, they can face opponents believing that he / she will give them success.
  8. Influential and with a good reputation, their kind-hearted deeds of giving freely to the poor and sharing all that they have will be recalled for all time.
  9. Jealousy will overtake the unprincipled and their resentment will deepen.  They will disappear from view and memory, after their hopes have been derailed.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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