Psalm 111 reimagined

  1. Pay tribute to the Lord.  I will express my gratitude to the Lord from the bottom of my heart especially when I am with his / her followers.
  2. The Lord does things which take my breath away.  Everyone who adores him / her should reflect on these things.
  3. Every action he / she takes shows how impressive he / she is and adds to his / her kudos.  His / her goodness is consistent and unbreakable.
  4. The more he / she does for us, the more we notice the number of his / her outstanding achievements.  The Lord really is compassionate and generous.
  5. He / she ensures that those who respect him / her have the food they need, showing that he / she will always keep his / her promises.
  6. His / her followers have experienced his / her considerable strength through the new doors that he / she has opened for them.  
  7. Everything he / she does is fair and considerate, and all his / her principles are reliable.
  8. They are genuine and will be forever dependable.  They can be adhered to reliably and in their entirety.  
  9. His / her people were dispersed far and wide and were under repression.  He / she liberated each one and brought them together, promising to care for them as his / her own family, for all time.  All his / her followers have been given his / her name as their own.
  10. Respect for the Lord is the bedrock of real insight – as we focus on him / her and his / her life principles, we gain deep understanding.  Pay tribute to the Lord for all your days.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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