Psalm 110 reimagined

A song of David.

  1. The Lord said to my boss: “Leave it to me.  I will appoint you to the role that I promised, and I will ensure that your detractors give you their support.”
  1. The Lord will promote you to the highest role of leadership and will ensure that are given support from those who opposed you.  
  2. You have set your goals and your teams will work together enthusiastically to implement your plans.  Each day you will recommit to your vision and be given the strength to continue your work.
  1. The Lord has made you a promise and he will not change his mind “I will give the people prosperity and fulfilment through you, forever.”
  1. The Boss will be your closest advisor, protecting you and confronting those who would undermine your plans.  
  2. He / she will guide you to be successful across the globe ensuring that justice and fairness are more important than ego and reputation.
  3. He / she will be committed and indefatigable and together you will see his / her goals fulfilled.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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