Psalm 109 reimagined

A psalm which David gave to the Choir Director to be arranged.

Note: I have turned this into a psalm prophesying the ridicule of Jesus by his enemies.

  1. I adore you, my Father. Don’t keep your distance and decline to speak to me,
  2. Especially as the perverse denigrate me and make up stories about me.
  3. They encircle me with loathsome rumours and oppose me with no justification.
  4. I care deeply for them and I commit them to you in my prayers, but their aim is to undermine me by their allegations.
  5. I am considerate to them, but they retaliate with mischief; I care for them, but they are hostile to me.
  1. They make their plans: they want to find a corrupt friend to denounce me; someone whose allegations will result in a prosecution.
  2. When my case comes to trial, they will work every trick to force a guilty verdict even citing my prayers as wrongdoings.
  3. They will seek the death penalty but will let another messiah rise up after me.
  4. They will aim to isolate my followers with no-one to lead them and no-one to nurture them.
  5. My opponents will then destroy my friends’ homes and livelihoods and leave them to become refugees.
  6. My possessions will be divided up amongst them and they will own my legacy.
  7. No compassion will be shown to me or to my leaderless followers.
  8. Their intention is to stamp out my work and ensure that the memory of my name ends with this generation.
  9. They will ask the Lord to remember the wrongdoings of my ancestors, and not to forget my mother’s lapses.  
  10. They will ask the Lord to commit my offenses to memory and to ensure that my legacy is destroyed.
  11. My tribute will be twisted to say that I blocked my followers from showing compassion; that I mistreated the deprived and underprivileged; that I pestered the inconsolable to their end;
  12. That I took delight in condemning others and did not ask for your presence to be with them.  They will encourage people to condemn me and will say that you are not with me.
  13. They will record that denouncing people came naturally to me, as naturally as eating, drinking or getting dressed.
  14. Their hope is that my supposed ill-wishes for others will become true of me.
  1. Lord, I will let you decide how to bring my malicious slanderers to justice.
  2. You are the Lord, my Boss and I will let you decide how to handle my case.  May it be your good character that is remembered.  You are trustworthy and compassionate – please liberate me.
  3. I am distressed and broken-hearted and am in need of your comfort.
  4. I cling to life with the thinnest thread and am being brushed away like a pile of dust.    
  5. I have gone so long without food that my strength fails me – I am wasting away.
  6. Everyone ridicules me and I am an object of contempt.
  1. Care for me, Lord my Creator.  Rescue me because of your inexhaustible love.
  2. May those who oppose me see that you have liberated me – that it is you alone who has cared for me, Lord.
  3. Your presence will be with me – they can condemn me if they dare.  When they instigate their plans, they will be humiliated.  I will acclaim you from a heart dedicated to pleasing you. 
  4. May those who have denounced me, be crushed and ashamed of what they have done.
  5. I will be eternally grateful to the Lord and will delight in singing his / her praises to all who will listen.
  6. He / she befriends those who need help and liberates them from those who denounce them.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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