Psalm 108 reimagined

A psalm written by David as a song.

  1. I place my life calmly in your hands, my Creator.  My whole being recognises what you have done and pays you tribute.
  2. My first waking thought is to acclaim you – I will sing accompanied by guitar or keyboards, I don’t mind which.
  3. Whoever I meet, I tell them how grateful I am to you, Lord.  Wherever I go, I will sing to congratulate you.
  4. Your inexhaustible love stretches to the furthest corners of the universe.  Wherever we are, we can depend on your loyalty.  
  5. May our worship of you, our Creator, be heard from the earth up into the heavens and may your greatness light up the whole planet.
  1. Liberate your followers, those you love.  We are asking to be delivered – please respond.
  2. Our Creator promised in his / her goodness that he / she would supply us with places of joy and plenty, in which to live.
  3. You created and shaped those areas and called us to live there for you.  You promised to give us those who would protect and lead us.
  4. Whilst we are surrounded by those who would seek to undermine or harm us, you promised to protect us from their assaults.  
  1. We are under attack.  Where are we to find security?  How will we see success?
  2. You seem to have deserted us, our Creator.  Do you no longer come alongside us?
  3. We cannot do it ourselves.  It is only by your support that we will win through.
  4. With our Creator’s support, we will achieve great things, for he / she will be our guardian and outsmart our opponents.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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