Psalm 114 reimagined

  1. When the descendants of Jacob escaped from slavery in Egypt, 
  2. The new country that he / she gave them became his / her home too and he / she became their leader.
  1. The Red Sea saw their escape and dramatically cleared a path for them to walk through.  The River Jordan, though in flood, amazingly dried up to allow them to cross.
  2. The mountains came to life in celebration and the hills waved with joy.
  3. Why did you dramatically clear a path, Red Sea?  River Jordan, what made you dry up whilst in flood?
  4. And you, mountains, what made you come to life in celebration?  And you hills, why did you wave with joy?
  1. The earth trembles when the Lord is present in all his / her power – it was the presence of Jacob’s God which caused these things.
  2. When the people were dying of thirst, he / she turned a solid rock into a pool of water.   Amazingly, a stream flowed from a solid boulder.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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