Psalm 115 reimagined

  1. It’s not about us, Lord.  It’s not us who should take the credit.  It’s about you and the way you stick with us and love us regardless.
  2. Why do you let everyone say, “Where is their Creator?”
  3. Our Creator sits in the universe he / she made, and he / she is answerable to no-one.
  4. Where are your gods?  They are mere things and ideas, created by human hands and minds.
  5. They speak words but nothing that makes any sense.  They see things but not in any depth.
  6. They hear but do not understand.  They have a sense of smell but miss all the beauty.
  7. They can touch but are dead to their feelings.  They can walk but do not get anywhere.  When they try to speak, the words have no depth or meaning.    
  8. In the end, those who admire and follow them become like them – they are living in their own little worlds.
  1. If you love the Lord, rely on him / her.  He / she is your coach and guardian.
  2. If you lead the Lord’s people, rely on him / her.  He / she is your coach and guardian.
  3. All who respect the Lord, rely on him / her.  He / she is your coach and guardian.
  1. We are always at the front of the Lord’s mind and he / she sticks with us.  He / she will be with all who love him / her; he / she will be with the leaders and with all who will follow after them.
  2. The Lord will be with all who respect him / her – both those who are distinguished as well as those who are ordinary.
  1. May the Lord show great kindness to both you and your children.
  2. May the Lord, who made all that can be seen as well as all that cannot, give you his / her help.
  3. The Lord takes responsibility for the things we cannot see but he / she has made people responsible for the earth on which they live.
  4. Those who ignore the Lord are unable to show gratitude for all that he / she has done.  It is as though they are dead already.
  5. But we will be devoted to the Lord in the present and for all time.  Adore the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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