Psalm 148 reimagined

  1. Acclaim the Lord.

Acclaim the Lord in the hidden places.  Acclaim him / her throughout the universe that he / she has made.

  1. Acclaim him / her all his / her many followers and acclaim him / her all creation’s forces.
  2. Let the mighty sun and beautiful moon acclaim him / her.  Let every single star in the universe acclaim him / her.
  3. May his / her praise echo in the skies above the earth and throughout the vast stretches of space.
  4. Let everything that he / she made, worship the Lord.  He / she spoke his / her instructions and life was created.
  5. He / she gave everything a place and purpose that will last forever.  It can never be undone.  
  1. May the Lord be congratulated from the earth he / she created, starting with the animals in the deepest oceans.
  2. May the weather patterns he / she established congratulate him / her – cloud and winds; thunder and lightning; snow and hail.
  3. May the landscape congratulate him / her led by the mountains and hills.  May the trees congratulate him / her especially the trees that bear fruits and the cedars.
  4. May all the animals congratulate him / her both the wild and the domesticated ones; small creatures scurrying on the ground and the birds soaring on the air currents of the sky.
  5. May all the peoples of the earth congratulate him / her – the leaders and all their people; the lawmakers and the judges.
  6. May the old and the young; the women and the men congratulate him / her.
  1. Let everything and everyone praise the Lord.  His / her reputation is great and his / her works and presence dominate the whole universe.
  2. His / her Spirit makes his / her followers strong, giving his / her presence to those who are committed to him / her – his / her church who love being close to him / her.

Acclaim the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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