Psalm 147 reimagined

  1. Acclaim the Lord.

It is good to get together and sing songs of worship to our Creator – it gives us real pleasure.

  1. The Lord is rescuing us and drawing us together to create his / her Church.
  2. Our Healer heals the hearts of those who have lost hope and cares for their hurts.
  3. Even though he / she has more followers than there are stars, he / she knows each one of us by name.
  4. Our Boss is amazing – he / she has strength to do anything and yet he / she understands each one of us in detail.
  5. The Lord helps those who ask for his / her help but brings justice on those who oppress and abuse.
  1. Let your hearts overflow with gratitude to the Lord; let the worship band lead you in songs of praise to our Creator.
  2. The sky is filled with the clouds he / she creates, and these bring rain to the earth, making plants grow in the fields and forests.
  3. This is how he / she provides food for the wild animals and so the parents can feed their young.
  4. He / she is not like us, he / she does not get excited by the power of a person or the strength of an animal.
  5. No, the Lord takes pleasure in those who love and respect him / her and who put their hope in his / her inexhaustible love.
  1. Church, let’s get together and remember our Lord.  Let’s sing the praise of our Creator.
  2. He / she gives you his / her Spirit to strengthen you for his / her service and so your children may grow to love him / her too.
  3. He / she gives you his / her presence so that you live together in unity and he / she ensures that you have all you need to live.
  4. He / she cares for the world he / she created and its ever-changing patterns.
  5. He / she creates the beauty of winter by dropping falls of snow or thin layers of frost.
  6. Sometimes he / she turns it wild with storms of hailstones or biting winds and cold temperatures.
  7. But then he / she decides to change it all and milder weather and warm winds melt the ice.
  8. Church, he / she speaks to you so you can understand him / her, and he / she gives his / her Spirit so that you may live his / her way.
  9. These are his / her gifts to those who love him / her and choose to be his / her followers.

Acclaim the Lord.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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