Psalm 121 reimagined

This song was sung by the pilgrims climbing the hill up to Jerusalem.

  1. My eyes are fixed on reaching the top of this mountain, but will I find the help I seek there? 
  2. The Lord, who made all that can be seen, as well as all that cannot, will help me.
  1. He / she will not let you get sidetracked and will keep his / her focus on protecting you. 
  2. Round the clock he / she keeps his / her loving eye on all his / her followers.
  1. The Lord loves and supports you and is always available to help.  The Lord sticks close to you to ensure that you are protected.
  2. He / she will support you when you are under pressure or scrutiny.  He / she will guide you when you cannot see what to do next.
  1. The Lord is with you at all times and in all places and will steer you away from anything harmful.
  2. Whether you are out working or relaxing at home, the Lord is with you right now and will be forever.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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