Psalm 122 reimagined

A psalm written by David and sung by the pilgrims as they climbed the hill to Jerusalem.

  1. I was so excited when my friends said, “Let’s go and visit the Lord’s family.”
  2. Here we are, in the Lord’s home and with his / her dearest family and friends.
  3. The church is a beautiful place to be, where everyone is on the same wavelength and lives for each other.
  4. All the Lord’s people, from all nations, love to be here.  They come to worship and thank him / her – every heart wants to show the Lord how much they love him / her.
  5. It is a place where his / her will is done and where he / she will ensure true justice.
  1. Let us pray for caring relationships in the church and wholeness for his / her people.  May all who love the church see successful times.
  2. Church may your relationships be caring ones, and may there be wholeness for your people and successful times for all your families.
  3. I pray for all those I know in this family – may you have wholeness and success.
  4. On behalf of the Lord our Creator, I will seek the best for you, his / her church.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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