Psalm 26 reimagined

A psalm of David

  1. Judge the case against me, Lord and find me “not guilty”, for I have behaved with real honesty and I have relied on you without hesitating.
  2. Try the case against me and cross-examine my defence, Lord.  Scrutinize my intentions and examine my character.
  3. I know how deeply you have loved me, and I have been loyal to you in response.
  4. I avoid spending time with liars or holding conversations with cheats.
  5. I loathe meeting those whose actions are dishonest, and I hate working with those who love to cause offense.
  6. I swear to you that I am innocent of any evil.  May I spend time in your presence, Lord so that I can: 
  7. Express my thanks for your commitment to me and my gratitude for all that you have done for me.    
  8. I long to be with you, Lord, in the place where you are most relaxed so I can get to know the real you. 
  1. Please forgive me so that I do not receive the sentence of a repeat offender.  Let me not be convicted as though I have committed a serious offence.  
  2. For the minds of the wicked are focused on making money from devious schemes. 
  3. But I avoid all those things and I concentrate on living with honesty.  Show me your leniency and compassion.
  4. With your support, Lord, I can rely on a fair judgement and I will tell everyone about all that you have done for me.  

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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