Psalm 25 reimagined

A psalm of David

  1. All I am I give to you, Lord.
  2. Be a trusted advisor to me, my Creator.  Let me not lose face or those who dislike me will get the chance to gloat.
  3. Contempt comes to those who try to mislead other people, but you will respect those who put their hope in you.
  1. Draw my attention to the best route for me to take, Lord – keep me focused on it.
  2. Every moment my confidence is in you.  Give me your advice and pragmatism, for you are my Creator and my guide when I miss the mark.
  3. For you have always loved and cared for me, Lord, as you did for all who came before me.
  4. Give me the benefit of the doubt by forgetting my dissent as a youth.  Instead, please think of me with your unending and dependable love, for you are generous to me, Lord.
  1. How considerate the Lord is – he / she is fair to those who have gone off the straight and narrow, showing them the way back.
  2. In support of the self-effacing, he / she steers them towards what is best by guiding them in his / her approach to living.
  3. Joining those who are committed to the Lord’s plan for living, you will find that he / she coaches you from close by.  He / she shows deep love to those who follow his / her instructions.
  1. Keep faith with me, Lord, for the sake of your reputation despite my numerous lapses.
  2. Lord, please come alongside those who love and respect you.   May they experience you coaching them, so they choose the best path for their life.
  3. May they know a deep sense of well-being and see their children experiencing success.
  4. Nurture a deep admiration for the Lord and you will find him / her the closest companion.  He / she will explain to you the strong bonds he / she feels for his / her people.
  5. Observe closely the Lord’s guidance and he / she will deliver you from the hazards that would trip you up.
  1. Pity me and come right alongside me for I am isolated and in anguish.
  2. Quash the struggles that are building around me – please set me free from them all.
  3. Recognise my hardship and sympathise with my distress.  Excuse all my negligence.
  4. See each of my antagonists and the cruel loathing they inflict on me.
  5. Take care and watch over me.  Deliver me from their vicious attacks.  I am trusting you so please do not let me be humiliated.
  6. Unashamedly, I have placed my confidence in you and in your goodness and fairness.
  1. Vindicate your people, Creator God and set them free from their distress.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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