Psalm 27 reimagined

A Psalm of David

  1. The Lord has planned my route and will guide my trip.  What is there to concern me?  The Lord is my eyes and ears and he / she has my back.  Who is there to frighten me?
  2. When I become a target for the critics and it seems that everyone wants to find fault with me, they will lose their direction and purpose.  
  3. Though everything around me is going wrong, my heart will not lose courage.  Even when there seems no way forward, I will remain hopeful.
  1. I have asked the Lord for my biggest desire – the thing I hope for the most – “let me be in your family and live in your home every day of my life.”  I will thrive in his / her presence and enjoy listening to him / her and learning from him / her.
  2. He / she will draw me close when the problems mount and surround me with his / her care.  He / she will keep my head above the rising waters.
  3. I will see my troubled life from his / her perspective – knowing his / her strength and care.  When we are alone, my words and gratitude will pour out in whispers, in songs and in shouts to the Lord.
  1. I would like your help with so many things, Lord.  Please listen and answer me.  
  2. I heard you say, “let’s sit and talk together” and nothing would please me more.  
  3. Do not squeeze our time together or get frustrated with my pettiness.  You have always been there for me, especially when times are tough.  Please stay close to me, my Creator.
  4. I know that even if my closest family and friends let me down, the Lord will stick with me.  
  1. Be my mentor and help me to navigate my route. There are so many things to trip me up so keep close and give me your advice.  
  2. Stop me from taking the criticism and abuse to heart.  Keep me free from believing their lies.
  3. I am certain that in my lifetime I will see the Lord’s people flourishing under his / her love and care.
  1. Let’s wait patiently for the Lord to do this.  In the meantime, let us trust in him / her and be confident.  Yes, let’s wait patiently for the Lord to do this.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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