Psalm 99 reimagined

  1. The Lord is in charge – let all nations be anxious.  He / she is leader of the government of heaven and attended to by mighty assistants – let all planet earth be fearful.
  2. The Lord is revered as the greatest of leaders on earth – valued above all others.
  3. Let all in authority praise your leadership and achievements.  You are in a league of your own.
  4. You love equity and all your decisions are built on fairness.  Every action you have taken builds fair-mindedness and good relationships between your people.
  5. Applaud the Lord our Creator.  Give him / her the utmost respect for he / she stands alone.
  1. Moses and Aaron were mediators between the Lord and his / her people; Samuel spoke to him / her directly.  They demanded that he / she give help to his / her people and he / she answered their requests.
  2. On their desert journey, the Israelites heard him / her speak from the cloud which was guiding them.  They followed the rules and advice that he / she gave them.  
  3. Lord, our Creator, you gave them answers to all their requests.  You were their God, forgiving them when they neglected your groundrules and disciplining them when they did wrong.
  1. Applaud the Lord, our creator and join others to tell him / her how great he / she is, for the Lord, our Creator is in a league of his / her own.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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