Psalm 79 reimagined

A psalm written by Asaph

  1. Creator, the people you love, those you have made your family, have been suppressed by those who have no regard for you.  They have tried to dishonour those who worship you and to sully the place where you are remembered.
  2. Your followers have been left devastated – struggling to make ends meet.  They have lost their livelihoods, and some have lost their freedom.
  3. Your opponents have tortured those who love you, having no regard for human life and dignity.
  4. We are ridiculed by those we work with and live near – treated with contempt and disrespect.
  1. Lord, you stand back as though we have enraged you.  How long will your bitterness continue?
  2. Turn your anger on those who show you contempt and disrespect, on those who ignore your loving intentions.
  3. These people have laid waste those you have made your family, throwing them into poverty.
  4. We know that our parents abandoned you and took no notice of your loving kindness but show us your tender-heartedness, for without your help, we are ruined.
  1. Creator, you are the only one who can liberate us.  Do so because we are your family.  Forgive and forget our wrongdoings for the sake of your reputation.
  2. Our opponents ridicule us, saying, “They are deluded – if there was a Creator, he / she would make himself / herself known.”  Don’t let them get away with this and with the persecution of your followers.
  3. Pay attention to the cries of their captives.  Show your strength by liberating those who would otherwise be executed.
  1. Boss, we are surrounded by those who have contempt for you.  Challenge them.
  2. Give us this freedom and we will follow your leadership and guidelines.  We will express our gratitude to you forever, teaching our children and grandchildren to adore you.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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