Psalm 63 reimagined

A psalm written by David to recall his time in the wilderness of Judah.

  1. Creator, you are my God.  I am turning the place inside-out to find you.  In the same way that this wilderness longs for water to bring life, my soul yearns for you, my whole body craves the life that you bring.
  2. I have been with you in your private room and looked with amazement at the strength and grandeur of your character.
  3. Your inexhaustible love is more precious even than life itself: I will adore you.
  4. With every breath, I will pay tribute to you and on my knees, I will plead with you for my heart’s desires.
  5. My friendship with you is more fulfilling than even the best meal.  Songs of gratitude pour out from my heart.
  1. When I can’t sleep it’s because you are on my mind as I reflect on your character.
  2. You have been so kind-hearted to me that I love to shout out my thanks.
  3. Your embrace is firm, and I keep a tight hold of you.
  1. Those who are scheming for my downfall will suffer that fate themselves.  They will be forgotten and disappear without trace.
  2. Their own schemes will rebound on them and their epitaphs will remain unwritten.
  3. But this leader will place all his confidence in his Creator.  Those who value integrity will acclaim him / her but those who speak falsehoods will lose their voice.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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