Psalm 145 reimagined

A song of worship written by David

  1. I adore you, my Creator and my leader – I will speak highly of you to all who will listen, for all time.
  2. Every day I will acclaim who you are and will give you recognition as long as I live.
  3. The Lord is boundless and deserves our appreciation.  There is no way to measure how immense he / she is.
  1. Let parents pass on to their children the stories of your masterly actions – let them speak of your strength.
  2. I will contemplate your wisdom and charisma, and your stunning miracles.
  3. Every mouth will have its own amazing story to tell; as for me, I will speak about your excellence.
  4. Everyone will share a personal story of your sensational kindness to them; their hearts will overflow with happiness as they remember your actions.
  1. The Lord’s heart is filled with unwavering love.  He / she wants to help those who are suffering and forgive those who do wrong.
  2. The Lord does not have favourites but is good to everyone and pours out help on all he / she has created.
  3. Your actions speak for themselves, Lord – those who benefit will thank you and your watching followers will praise you.
  4. They will eulogise about the pleasure of working under your leadership and the sense of purpose in your organisation.
  5. They will tell stories of how you lead – your care, concern and amazing achievements.
  6. Your organisation will sustain and grow for ever, and you will lead many generations of followers.

The Lord only makes promises that he /she knows he / she will keep, and he / she keeps them with real generosity of spirit.

  1. The Lord helps those who have stumbled back up on their feet and shares the burden of those who are weighed down.
  2. We all keep our eyes on you in hope of your support and you ensure we have enough to eat.
  3. Every living thing looks to you for food and water and you open your storeroom to all in need.
  4. The Lord focuses on having good relationships filled with kindness.
  5. The Lord keeps close so he / she can help those with open and honest concerns.
  6. Those who show him / her respect can voice their heart’s desires and find them granted; they can demand help and he / she saves them.
  7. The Lord guards those who love him / her, but he / she confronts those who want to destroy.
  1. I will give the Lord the ovation he / she deserves.  May everyone across the planet give him / her thanks – today and for all time.

© 2021 Andrew W. Kearns  All Rights Reserved

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